Part 2 Buick Century front end clunk Inner Tie Rod Replacement

Part 2 Buick Century front end clunk  Inner Tie Rod Replacement

Video contains the repair process for changing the inner tie rods. For the symptoms see the video: Symptoms 2004 Buick Century front end clunk knock inner outer tie rods.



jon beams says:

Sound needs to go up Dave. Could barely hear it.

Frank Moore says:

A bunch of mumbling going on like your talking to yourself and doing a solid Tutorial

Frank Moore says:

man your volume is horrible

tyler2610 says:

When did you hear the clunk? I have an '04 Century and there is a clunk when I turn the wheel in either direction. Otherwise it does not clunk unless turning.

C. Anderson says:

You need to replace your rack the boot is full of steering fluid. Bad rack seal.

Branden Gregory says:

U keep saying ugh and Umm. Kind of annoying. I couldn't watch the entire video

Anything Auto says:

Your amazing. Saved me tons of time

DIY says:

That little sleave was throwing me off I was completely lost when I took the boot off thank you!!!!!!

rob griffin jr. says:

First video I found where someone pushed that piece off (blue on yours…white on my Caddy DTS)….finally! I appreciate the vid bro!

RKGSD says:

Does the zip tie seal as well as the metal clamp?

RKGSD says:

Do you have a preference for OEM or aftermarket tie rods?

Martha Adams says:

Good info helped a lot

Arturo Ponce says:

helped alot thanks

Duane Sims says:

I love the scripture bro

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