How To Replace An O2 Sensor ( P0141) 1997-2003 Buick

How To Replace An O2 Sensor ( P0141) 1997-2003 Buick

Quick and easy repair for a P0141 . Come along as I show you how to repair a P0141 on this 1999 Buick
Here are some of the tools that jimthecarguy uses
Here are the tools used in my video. You can buy them on Amazon.
This is the link Oxygen Sensor Socket Wrench and Thread Chaser Set

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Mxvin_ Sil3nc3 says:

Did the service soon light ever go off?

Atom Splitah says:

What size socket wrench did you use?

DJ R says:

That old Buick was very tidy underneath. Surely a new exhaust has been put in for the sensor to come out so easily. Maybe it was the special Jim shock technique on that wrench!

Big Dog50001 Automotive says:

Thumbs up Jim!

John G says:

Jim, I wish your garage was closer to me. Your one of the best mechanics I've seen. Jim, Jim, your the man, if you can't fix it nobody can!

scuba422123 says:

ahhhh! I love when they come out that easy! that gen 3.8 was the best motor gm ever made

wyattoneable says:

I like it. Working on an older car is more my speed. The rust hasn't been too bad on that one. 🙂

The Disgruntled Mechanic says:

Yep came out to easy Jim! Nice job!

Robert Coia says:

Well that sensor came out awfully easy…

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