How To Install a Headlight Bulb in a Buick Encore / Chevy Trax 2019

How To Install a Headlight Bulb in a Buick Encore / Chevy Trax 2019

how to install / replace a headlight bulb in a Buick encore / Chevy Trax 2019

Here’s the bulb needed on Amazon (paid link)

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@AberamTenbarge says:

Never worked on a car did it in like 5-10 minutes this was very helpful

@Vyacheslavvvv says:

I need to replace my entire (passenger side) headlight/housing for a 2019 buick encore. Do i have to remove the entire bumber? Any replies would be greatly appreciated

@keithbowman7650 says:

Thanks for the video!

@HoconMech says:

Thanks much appreciated Sir!!!

@jimknapp8281 says:

Not a trunk…..

@gianim8313 says:

Do you follow the same steps for a Chevy Trax 2022?
Because my Chevy Trax low beam bulb headlights are out and it needs a replacement

@akamike102 says:

It’s called a hood not a trunk

@paullawson2830 says:

Trunk latch?? That's a HOOD! 😛

@lovenonacreations says:

Thank you for this. I'm a woman and you made me comfortable enough to change it myself.

@tomjonesrealtorunionnj07083 says:

What do you do if your cap doesn’t unscrew. Do they make a tool to turn it.

@hobblesmcgee says:

Thanks for the helpful video, was able to change mine out in just a few minutes

@ladyshiva69 says:

do the high and low beams have to be adjusted the vertical and horizontal after install

@goobah1389 says:

Incredibly helpful, dont know how you did that while getting the close up shots.

@brendastringham3117 says:

Thanks to your video I was able to get mine changed on my encore. It is definitely a tight space. For a woman I have large hands. It was a challenge but my cheap ass didn’t have to pay someone else to do it. Thank you!!!

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