Buick Lucerne Radiator Replacement How-To

Buick Lucerne Radiator Replacement How-To

Long but very informative step by step video on how to replace the radiator on the 2006-2011 Buick Lucerne. Radiator can be purchased from Amazon and listed below is a link to it and the coolant.
TYC Radiator: https://amzn.to/3qqOO1Y
Peak Dexcool Concentrate: https://amzn.to/3RG4Uk2



Shafease Williams says:

My Buick has 98k miles but sometimes I get a jerk is that transmission fluid

Jeff Purvis says:

What a tremendous help this video was. I’m sure it was a pain in the rear moving the camera all over while doing your work, but certainly was helpful to the viewer. Thanks again for making this. It saved me a LOT of money!!!

Walter Richardson says:

Been working on vehicles over 35 years. I didn't remove half of that.. think I'll start making some videos

Randy Gordon says:

I took that top crossbar completely out, made it a bit easier

Steve S says:

Good video, between you and a GM tech friend (my savior) I was able to get this done. I was doing a 2008 subjected to Minnesota salty winters, had a few broken bolts and rusty parts. Slipped getting up off the floor and broke my bottom parts of passenger headlight. I tested for leaks right after connecting radiator and trans lines, didn't want to wait for complete reassembly. The bumper assembly was intimidating, good to get some experience, and your video helped. Thanks. Onto trying some JB weld on headlight.

hash says:

Have to do the alternator on the v8 version of this car… have to remove rad and bumper this video should help thanks

North Point says:

Good video. I just did mine this last summer. After you get the radiator out I suggest you inspect your transmission cooler lines and brake lines. They are prone to rusting thru. Better to catch them now when you have the front taken apart.

Thank you for showing the Buicks. I get tired of seeing all the honda/kia repair videos 🙂

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