Buick Encore -Towed In, No Crank, No Communication

Buick Encore -Towed In, No Crank, No Communication

In this video I have a look at a ladies 2018 Buick Encore that was dropped off by a tow truck. Her complaint was it wouldn’t crank. Plugging in the scan tool to see what’s up showed us quickly we had failure to communicate. Let’s see what the issue is.

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@wyattgardner3552 says:

My cousin owned a GM suv from 2017. She had it strand her under warranty and GM said it wasnt covered since it was electronic and not powertrain…. left it unhooked and drove it.

@shanestrains2849 says:

Lawn mower guy must be a small engine tech, he's always test drivin

@cm-hw5ww says:

I had an '87 Volvo with a nice feature. Push the door ajar button in and give it a little turn and it will stay in just like if the door was closed. And no ding-ding-ding (or maybe it was buzzzzz)! Actually closing the door resets the button.

@davidturner4639 says:

Great explanation of the network and how to break it into manageable parts….. Now, isn't it great that a module under an all -wheel-drive vehicle exposed to nasty road grime takes the whole network down when it gets corroded and turns the car into dead weight….. Smart engineers in that committee l.

@canadatransistor says:

my 22 buick envision insists you to sit in the captain's chair to start, not just foot on brake.

@salehaldur5713 says:

GM likes to disconnect any electronic equipment when anything fails , I had a 2018 Chevy Colorado come into my shop last week for having no power steering, abs,4wd, stabliltrak lights on, found a broken wire to the RR wheels speed sensor body harness, repaired wire cleared codes and problems went away, crazy

@gdessario5014 says:

Eric, your lights went out because of the solar flares! LoL

@kevinadomitis4833 says:

Dude. You are such a skilled mechanic and entertaining/witty.

Rare combo

@joshfrench5773 says:

Yo. Mr O, i dont know how i know this…but im getting the hang of chasing electical faults from your videos. if the abs module sees the steering angle input, but the ECU doesn't, then theres almost certainly a crusty wire or a missing signal from the steering module to the ECU… idk im just a have a go hero myself with big hopes. Lol.

@topgun52 says:

3 words Eric, Harbor Freight Generator! Work's Great!

@johnibbertson2960 says:

love your vids eric but could not quite get this one , what as the rear module to do with the power steering ?IF there is ANY problem with pas , no management light on for that eh, so is the main fault just the rear module and then car solved?

@jeremyhanna3852 says:

I had a car 2 days ago needed a bcm and the customer was not white is what we will say and he i told him of the problem he asked why his car needed a black control module i said he was mistake and he got pissed needless to say i didnt repair his car

@johnfoulk3448 says:

Some of the horror stories I could tell after being in business as a machine shop and decided I would work on cars also. While I helped a lot of folks, but, there were the ones…… Met some great folks there also. Did mostly engine and transmission rebuilds.

@brianmeek5236 says:

I wouldn’t trade my 1925 Buick for any Buick made today

@dwk5234 says:

“I don’t speak creeper…” a classic, Eric! At 72, I not only don’t speak creeper anymore, I only occasionally speak “on my knees”, or “under the dash”.

@stonelemon03 says:

mechanics used to hit cars with a hammer ….now you cajole it with a computer. there is way too much unnecessary electrics on cars now.

@bluetocop says:

i almost bought one of those shit boxes

@willw8011 says:

Remember in the old days, when a power steering pump worked without 3 computers. All of these gov mandates make cars unaffordable. The gov does not want us to have any freedom nor vehicles. The future they want: live in the pods, eat the bugs, and be a good serf to mega crop, just like feudalism. All of these computers also make the cars more dangerous to everyone. One computer failure, then it is crapped out and hopefully it does not take someone out.
Gov also does not want people to have electricity, so get used to that too.

@bobbyorrsr.9176 says:

Great video. I am watching you from Kalisz Poland instead of Kentucky.

@calumhamilton9770 says:

The moment i saw that it was a CAN network problem, I knew straight away that it was the AWD control module. Fixed a heap of them while I worked at Vauxhall.

@MsFireboy2 says:

Time to run to the Schematics Eric. One of them maybe pulling the network down.

@WouterB76 says:

5 min in and my mind be like; green crusties!

@Chris_Lastname says:

Some crusty's, way at the back of the car, and the engine won't start.
Stupid can bus.
Nice find Eric. Tracked down the beast

@mikechiodetti4482 says:

A corrosive area and "of course we'll put the module under the vehicle!"
Didn't do network repair prior to April 2016, so I've learned a lot from you and Ivan.
OEM's need to learn a lot more leaving the vehicle owner stranded cause the rear diff module took the network down! No quality in that… BUICK!
Good one Mr. O. On to part 2.

@AbcDef-iq4no says:

This video is a good example of what happens when you combine shoddy workmanship with too much electronics in a vehicle.

@johnware2735 says:

Eric, are you a pilot?

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