buick enclave alternator replacement

buick enclave alternator replacement

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Martin Butler says:

You didn't say what size that torx socket was that you used to remove the studs.

money Mig MM says:

I hate these vehicles

Lloyd Bordelon says:

Awesome video Ty!!

Lynford Foster says:

Lol that dammm cable

Gregg Hatter says:

Thank You!!!!! It went smoothly because of your video. But it was a pain in the butt to get it out! Thanks again!

Flying Dragons says:

typo " In an Area "

Flying Dragons says:

engineered as complicated as a new mercedes benz what a piece of sh** engineering an alternator should be in an are that takes no more than 4-10 minutes to remove. Maybe pulling the engine out of the car would have been faster to reach that alternator. Thanks I wont be buying this car.

Heriberto Ortiz says:

I just wanted to know what size torx socket did you use? Was that a 15? I am having trouble with that one bolt. I literally removed the upper radiator hose and of course the power steering and a.c hoses.

Dad 1775 says:

What size of sockets did you use?

TeAngela Griffin says:

This video just saved my life ❤️❤️ thank you!!!

Marlon says:

Can this be done without removing tire or jacking up?

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