Buick Century: Overheating…Or Is It?

Buick Century: Overheating…Or Is It?

In this video I have a look at a Buick Century 3.1 that came in with a customer complaint of overheating. Pretty common issue on these cars…. except in this case. Pretty sure the “computer” is lying to us. Let’s find out!

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Joseph Neal says:

Is that engine coolant temperature sensor dual thermistor or just dual wire?

Jake Bainbridge says:

Wow Kalamazoo shout out!

John Caruso says:

Great job and detail.

SB Innovations says:

you couldn't use green wire with grnd in harness, you would need to jump connector grnd with the engine case.

narwhal says:

yep for all the 3000 and 2.4, 2.2 motors of gm the fans are only programmed to come on at 230f.

the fans will turn off around 190 one some cars and 180 others as well 200 idk why. That's GM for you

Duane Rogers says:

I live in Portage/ Kalamazoo and I would be happy to host you and Mrs O any time your in the area!

Topher D says:

I usually talk shit about GM but my moms 2001 3100 Malibu went 270,000 miles before dying. Needed a fuel pump, fuel filter, many water pumps, several thermostats, ECT sensors, spark plug wires, a coil, brakes, oil changes, tires, an engine mount, belt, radiator, and a lower intake manifold gasket before she finally got crashed into by an elderly lady at Walmart. If it wasn’t so crushed I think we would’ve kept that one around in the family longer. I was much surprised.

However when she bought it from the dealer at 20,000 miles they had switched out that dexcool entirely. That engine never saw dexcool to our knowledge.. ran straight green stuff.. so I think that’s what made all the difference in the world imo.

keltecshooter says:

A thermistor is like trying to make love to a woman , when the temperature goes up , resistance goes down……….

R17 says:

Great info and how to!

Up2NoGood says:

Gets me about Ford.. The over temp warning goes off..It stays in limp mode. Till you clear the code even after the repair…

Ron Frey says:

This video was most helpful 2004 Buick doing 65 just started dropping speed and kinda shut down to wanting to go 35 for about 5 miles while I ran the heater full blast the temp dropped long enough to not cook I got it back to shop let it cool down then added coolant and went and even bought more .
So I checked temp after I got back from 2 hour drive. I let the engine cool between hours and made sure it was topped off with coolant at least 3/4 full which it was at when I just checked so it kept that amount of fluid on a 2 hour trip the car temp started to climb so I turned it off let it cool down and then checked levels brought that up to 3/4 and drove an hour back and it was cool the entire trip and even after cooling down the car ran at idle cool here so it makes me think two things This happened to me before on another car and removing or replacing thermostat fixed the problem. That and temp sending unit to be able to see temp correctly. my Son asked how did you see the temp go up I said the car just started slowing down and the wheel did not lock up which is a blessing so I could get it to the feeder and limpit back to the shop, Ive since had oil changed new filter ect so it did run great on the 2 hour trip but it wanted to climb temp wise at idle so I cut it and let it sit . So Temp sending unit AND Thermostat and inspection all at the same time would be wise so they can know ive got to get bonded title from DPS and its a 3,5 hour drive if they inspect it again for the trip there especially if im stopped or bothered with I can show inspection and Bonded title inspection apt ect . With those things done and the mechanic knowing what the reaction of car was he will be better able to pinpoint it. Ill at least be able to explain ive watched this and do the temp gun trick and show them what its at then they should figure thermostat and temp sending just to know its not those. Fingers and toes crossed that car has been a good car dont want to roast it.

Rudy Sison says:

I have a 1998 buick century custom, low coolant on dashboard, I do not detect any leaks, but my reservoir is always low. Damn I'm frustrated! What do you think is my issues? I check the dipstick, oil cap and all. I don't see any milky color, looks normal. My car doesn't over heat.

chuck merrill says:

or 3rd wire was for 3.1 that used light instead of guage

Wangui Munene says:

Cheers for the Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Trentvorty Safe Vehicle Theorem (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one of a kind product for discovering how to repair your car the simple way minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my best friend Jordan finally got excellent success with it.

Richard Hemingway says:

It's nice to see proper diagnostics and full understanding of what is going on. Strange third wire. They even included the wire and terminated it at a plug. I Wonder if another model used it as a separate temp guage? and other models link it to the data bus.
That crows foot looked a bit clumsy. It looked to me like there was enough room for a deep socket and 3/8" extension.

Michael Alloway says:

every time i watch you i learn something i never knew , as for chancing the green wire and such i think you did the right thing

Robert Threm says:

Them intake gaskets leak water in the cylinder then hydro lock. Break that shit hollow cam. Mark them reservoir tank and know if you ever ad antifreeze it's ready to blow

david john robinson says:

A deep socket fits over them sensors.

Curtis Muma says:

Shit video. Can't hear wait your saying.

dredger9mm says:

Great video. Great wit. Great assistant. I just bought a $600 2001 Century with a coolant leak and overheating problems, and I'm excited as hell to get 'em fixed up, because it's immaculate inside and out, smooth shifting, and yeah, thanks for the video!

roadwarrior !! says:

Gm has history of bad temp sender's….same as my Saturn…replaced twice…last one was aftermarket…works fine now..

Doug Kubash says:

I had a 1993 Chevy 1500 5.7 that had the opposite problem. The ECM temp sensor was showing -40 degrees and running richer that heck.

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