2016 Buick Encore, How to Replace Water Pump.

2016 Buick Encore, How to Replace Water Pump.

Got leaking Water pump? watch this



jboxjbox says:

I appreciate your help with this project.

Charles Stanford says:

It was a great video really helped me out. Not I’m having issues getting the air out of the system.

Andy Citarella says:

Thanks for making this video. Not sure what's leaking on my Buick Encore. Will have to pressure test it when it warms up. Glad the timing chain isn't involved in this repair. Great video

rockytop4 says:

a gm water pump usully last 200,000 the thermostat last 70,000 the whole kit is 300 just the thermostat is 19… Takes 5 minutes and only has 3 bolts? And you don't need a torx bit a 5/16 box end wrench will work…that thermostat has wax in it…it fails more often than the pump

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