2008 Buick Lucerne Outside Door Handle Replacement

2008 Buick Lucerne Outside Door Handle Replacement

The plastic door handles break right at the mounting bolts on these Buick Lucerne. Probably the same on other full size GM cars.

This video was made as a demonstration on how to repair things and should not be done with out the proper training and safety equipment. The G Automotive and More and Its affiliates are not responsible for any damage or personal injury. Please if you don’t have the ability to do these demonstrations, don’t try and get a professional to do it for you.




Other channel recommended that you fill the area around the nut inserts with JB weld epoxy to prevent this happening again.

pierre lowe says:

Had the same problem. First time I used crazy glue. Didn't last. Got some two part epoxy and applied it with a stick thickly coating those cracked areas. Pushed it slowly with some force at the end. Let it sit for several hours. That was months ago. Whose stupid idea was it to make plastic door handles.. There was a song, "some people are made of plastic." There's too much plastic on the cars today…

Blaze King says:

Very helpful, much appreciated.

Dayn Kachur says:

Informative, I have to replace 3 of my 4 door handles…. couple tips, get a mount for you camera, or a helper. A tiny bit of bee's wax or petroleumn jelly will keep those bolts or nuts in your socket without needing a magnitized socket.

K H says:

Thanks for the video. Just got done with mine a few minutes ago. Works good.

K H says:

This is great! Just bought an 09 and need to do this to the driver door.

dan&amanda haney&tyler says:

Thank you, this was helpful. I wish you would have had someone hold the phone so you could show all the steps you were doing.

MrPrdoublek says:

THANKS for posting the video. You did have great points and helpful steps and gave a lot of information replacing the door handle.
Please get a tripod or something to hold up the camera when you need two hands to work. The steps when you needed two hands are important to watch. I don't want to possibly break other parts because of my gorilla hands.
Thanks again for posting.

Marc Nissen says:

You don’t need to take the lock outta the door it stays in place when you put the handle in

Jeanne Jerry says:

Awesome job. How much to fix

Jeanne Jerry says:

Awesome job. What is the charge to repkace?

Coleman says:

Thank you SO much for this video! I decided to try to replace my broken door handle myself. After watching your video at least ten times over the last week, I decided to give it a go. You gave me confidence that it wasn't too difficult.
My greatest challenges were unlinking the door pulley and dealing with the three door handle screws. I lost two screws to inner depths of the door frame never to be found again. The screws kept falling out of the socket wrench. I came up with the ingenious idea to cover the heads of the screws with 3m emblem glue. That kept the screws inside the socket wrench! Luckily I had the foresight to park at an Advanced Auto store. I Ended up having to buy new screws and a socket wrench extension so that I could screw in the screws right through the holes instead of reaching up from the bottom. Putting it all back together was the easiest part.
Invest in a socket wrench extension so you don't have to try to screw the screws from below. It's much easier doing it through those two small holes that are level with the door handle screw holes. Secondly, make sure you have extra screws and either a magnetic socket wrench set or some type of adhesive to keep the screws from falling out and being devoured by the door frame.

Steve From Texas says:

I found several videos for this repair, and yours was by far the most complete. One other video failed to include steps which would have resulted in broken parts. Thanks.

Jim Jamesi says:

Great job thanks

Robert Hartig says:

Another "G" repair "handled" very clearly and informatively. I believe you meant: door handles "break" right at the…"

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