Warning : Stop Using BMW ISTA & ISTA P Software !!

Warning : Stop Using BMW ISTA & ISTA P Software !!

Warning : Stop Using BMW ISTA & ISTA P Software !!

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BMW Doctor says:

Click Here To Buy My Best Scan Tool : https://amzn.to/3sTtAwl

Click Here To Buy The Autel IM608 : https://amzn.to/3pPY4xg

Gandelf Thegreat says:

Can this scanner energise the egr on the F31 so it can be refit after cleaning

Richard Barratt says:

So if you know every fault now. OK BMW X5 2015 no start. Customer drove vehicle day before. Next day key in dash and start button pressed. Dash lights disappeared and crank just couple revolutions. CAS no communication. Main relay message. So whats the fault.?

Peet K says:

Anyone knows guys a decent guide on what metrics to read if I wanna make sure a car's odometer is not rolled back?

Dustin La Fave says:

Can it relearn a valvetronic motor start and end points on 2008 328xi?

Mian Safdar says:

please give me whats app nber

Boris 'Supr4' B says:

can it reprogram an lcm module from ebay to another car? register the new vin change settings ect?

CodeBMW says:

What about future subscription

Mark's reviews and tutorials says:

Thanks for this video. I have an F25 lci and the rear camera has just up and stopped working I am told it is software and needs ista to turn it back on.
What scan tool would have that capability.
I don’t want anything with a subscription

horayforjoe says:

Appreciate the wisdom and recommendations as always, but what about a more affordable option for people who aren't able to drop hundreds-thousands on scan tools?

Frank Riedel says:

thanks for your efforts and detailing. based on their website they don't cover older models as I'm looking for e31. staying with inpa or ista or what is better and easier? appreciate. cheers

John W. Doyle says:

I have an E53 3.0 D 2005 with Front and Rear Axel Air Shocks. I need to adjust the height and ISTA with Cable will work for £25-50
Can I get a Scan tool that will set suspension height for less than £50 ? If not… ISTA and cable… !!
PS… Great channel… My First Go To for all things BMW…

Patrick Dreiding says:

What tool do you recommend to diagnose a 2006 R52 base convertible . I think I have a Speed Sensor issue but can’t identify which wheel. My symptoms are ABS, Tire pressure, check engine (P1613) lights and wacky temperature gauge.

kilner79 says:

will that tool read my individual wheel speeds on the e91 lci ?

ff aa says:

Hello Doctor, first of all thank you for all the knowledge you are sharing with us, i have been struggling for few months trying to find a solution for my little problem. i had ista 4.12 on windows 7 and now i have ista 4.32 on windows 10, both with a K+dcan. i tried many installations on both software but every time i can't have (Delete adaptations the menu Service functions) it's not there…, both ista can communicate with the car ( e46 330d )… can read and delete errors.. read live values…, i can't understand why some submenu are missing.., i do vehicule identification and test at the start…, do i have to put a battery charger on the batterey while i'm using ista to have Delete adaptaions menu ? or the problem is somewhere else ? if there is someone who can help me to resolve this, it's you. i thank you in advance and sorry for my english ( i'm in France). Thx Doc 🙂

simon templeman says:

So what software can i use as im wanting to do a service on the DCT gearbox?

Zachary Abelardo says:

How do I delete DME evap purge valve fault memory in ISTA without deleting any other fault code?

A H says:

Says he's not promoting any particular scan tool. Then goes on to promote one scan tool, which is £250 a year just to update.

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