The Ultimate BMW Headlight Lens Replacement Guide

The Ultimate BMW Headlight Lens Replacement Guide

In this video I show you how to replace your headlight lenses on your BMW. I am working on an F30 328i in this video but the procedure would be pretty similar for any BMW made within the last 15 years or so.

I show you how to safely cut out your old lens and how to glue in fresh lenses.

The best part is this will likely cost you less than $75 to make your headlights look as good as new again.

If you are interested in purchasing the lenses I install in this video you can do so here (affiliate):

You can get the glue here (affiliate):

I have partnered with Kies Motorsports on this F30, if you are interested in F30 content here is a link to their YouTube Channel:

If you are interested in purchasing upgrades for your BMW you can shop their website at the following link:

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Thanks for watching 🙂

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OOozturk says:

I had front end my car and crack the damn headlight cover. Went to the shop, took them like 3 hours to remove the headlight. Later, they send it to a specialist and i kid you not, they put my headlight in the freaken owen, i was schocked. I thought the guy will cook everthing in it but luckyly it did not happen and and he removed these covers in couple minutes without cutting it. Great video as always, keep up the good work !

Jim Holecek says:

Great workmanship, you have some very nice tools as well. Really enjoyed watching it. I’m considering restoring my headlights on my E91.

Christopher Pham says:

do you live in houston? i need help with my e90 lip =]

Jelavan says:

ive been scared to do this job for months now on my F30. thank you so much for this video

username19 says:

Hey could you show a video on how to code in the car to fold mirrors when locking and close windows/sunroof? Thanks

twin turbo says:

lot a damn work

JustYeti says:

Or you just take some time and sand away and polish them… saves time and money

One Life Live It says:

Can you not just buy the headlight restoration kit


Won't it be easier to buy a relatively good used set fm ebay n save the trouble

Rotor Blade says:

Look as good as new

JayRoyce20-AutoRestoration says:

finally another channel with different, amazing, calm content! You and M539 Restortions bring good content. keep up the work man

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