I Was Quoted $7K To Fix Deep Key Scratches So I Fixed It Myself For $80! DIY Paint Scratch Fix!

I Was Quoted $7K To Fix Deep Key Scratches So I Fixed It Myself For $80! DIY Paint Scratch Fix!

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In this video, I fix all the scratches in my vandalized Alpina B7 for $80 after being quoted $7,000 for a new paint job! This method will work on any car and you can DIY fix car scratches at home and save thousands!

1. Buff scratch with coarse pad and compound.
Rupes buffer kit with all pads and compound – https://amzn.to/37oRnMb
Just the course pads – https://amzn.to/3xx23Ty
Course Compound – https://amzn.to/3JPAbg1

2. Wet sand with 2000 grit on a sanding block.
2000 Grit Sandpaper – https://amzn.to/3jK5Ncw
Sanding block – https://amzn.to/3OiWXAs
You can also use anything hard and flat behind the sandpaper.

3. Fill in clear coat scratches with clear coat.
Clearcoat – https://amzn.to/3Of1ELA
Little dabbers to apply the clear or color. These are great! https://amzn.to/38VQPhj

4. Add color only if the scratch is deeper than the clear.
Touch up paint – https://amzn.to/3uJzTmC
Pick your color or call the dealer for an exact match. You can also get some mixed at an automotive paint store.

5. Wet sand with the block to remove any high spots and then buff with the coarse pad and compound and then a fine pad and compound.
Fine Pad – https://amzn.to/3uLPPVm
Fine Compound – https://amzn.to/3xuNH6j

Obviously, my $80 budget was for materials used and I buy everything in bulk for the shop and have owned the polisher for years. If you are starting with no tools or materials understand that there are cheaper alternatives and lower quantity bottles of products to keep your budget low. You can buy polishers used on eBay or FB marketplace, cheaper pads at Harbor Freight, etc. Be creative and if you do buy in the quantities I do you’ll have enough product to fix scratches on literally hundreds of cars. I barely used any of the products and materials in this video and now have leftovers to use for years to come! Enjoy!

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King of Newyork says:

Syringes work well to in order to fill in the scratch too takes more time but it works amazing and does a better job

Donny Moore says:

I would love to see a DIY for interior plastic scratches being fixed…I can't find much on that…

Pops Smith says:

Somewhere out there, is an angry person who is triggered you were able to repair those scratches they put in

Randazler says:

Worlds weakest key scratcher got you.

Tracey Garswood says:

Would this same process work with out a buffer? If you only had a single scratch for example. Could you get away doing all the steps by hand?

haiqu says:

I name it The Alpinus.

Danny M says:

Super educational video. I have a lot of similar scratches that I've just lived with but definitely going to tackle them after watching this. Thank you!

Glen Grimm says:

98% of the time its females who key cars, the rest are jealous guys who want a car like that but cant afford one.

jay bradley says:

People who key cars should be flogged on live TV Then made to pay for the dammage they cause and making them sand the car by hand outside in the sun

Steven Corbo says:

How do you fix a peeling center console

Alexander Foster says:

I have a question. I painted my bumpers last summer. I have leftover basecoat and clear from that project. can I use that as touch up paint?

Tim Ypp says:

Looks like someone has been doing donuts spins on that carpark.. Lol

M Flan 164 says:

Alex I recently did the 3m scratch fix kit on my black car. it worked good but i cant get all the haze from the sandpaper out. Do i use the rubbing compound or scratch remover to work it out? I have an orbital polisher as well

Mustafa Hakim1 says:

Remarkable results!!

Playa from the Himalayas says:

This is how you make something look good enough to sell, then the real fix (full paint job) becomes someone else's problem.

Jose Peixoto says:

hmmm… i don't get it!! what is the speed limit there by where you live ?! you plan to drive a fast car slow? like a caged bird? avoid

k says:

Are going to sell someone a flooded car and not tell them it had been flooded?

Garfield Curtis Jr. says:

Clearly someone pissed their girlfriend off

Diver Dave says:

My car was keyed 2 different times and State Farm covered it 100% !

Keto The Kat says:

There is no fury like a jealous woman's fury and this looks like a job of a jealous woman .

Crypto Coleman says:

What's in the water bottle you use for wet sanding? water and dishwashing liquid solution? or just water?

Chad Letourneau says:

Glad I found this video some f#*k yard just keyed my raptor but you k ow they heavy coat the trucks for.off road scratches

ms kinetik says:

Like magic! Thanks for sharing…looks amazing!

Levy Mwamba says:

How many bmws do you have?…i love your e39 M5 i watched it in another video of yours

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