I Saved This Cheap F30 BMW! N20 Turbo DIY

I Saved This Cheap F30 BMW!  N20 Turbo DIY

In this video I show you how to replace the turbo on your N20 or N26 powered BMW. I do this on a 2012 328i with the N20 engine.

This video covers removing and installing a replacement turbo. I also convert the replacement turbo from electronic to pneumatic.

This car would blow smoke on start up and had a wastegate rattle sound.

If you’re following this guide you would need a turbo install kit, that can be found here (affiliate):


The updated turbo feed line with the check valve can be found here (affiliate):


Special thanks to Keegan Currie for donating the turbocharger. His Instagram handle is “keegancurrie” if you would like to give a follow for some car content.


Thanks for watching 🙂

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Keg says:

Glad that turbo got put to some good use!

Jay Jwin says:

You made this all look so easy. you are at master level!

Frank P says:

Just wondering if the 4 cylinder engines are smooth running. Any opinions?

Castro Jordan says:

I daily drive 100 miles in one of these and it’s perfect for that. I just have a sprinter booster set on max and an afe intake and it makes the car feel very peppy. Fwiw my engine is very quiet also and no ticking, everyone says it’s loud due to the gdi but I suspect they need shorter oci’s because I change my oil frequently and no ticking. Glad you are making content on one of these.

That4Chan HackerGuy says:

I want a f30 now lol but I'm saving for a F30 M3 or a M4

DirtyGarage says:

What tq wrench are you using brand wise also is there a way i can reach you with some questions about some suspension issues I’m haven

aggieE46 says:

Great work. I absolutely expected a Pure Turbo and catless downpipe. Great content as always.

Eugene Cooper Jr says:

So, because no one knew about turbos and thought the engine was done, is a real loss to the previous owner.

Alex Hier says:

Thanks bro. Need to change my coolant line orings to the turbo and install the new oil line with the check valve and this is just the video I need.

Dave Johnson says:

Damn bro are you a mechanic by trade? You know so much !

Heartbreak Radio says:

Isn’t the car twin turbo? Was it just two propellors in one housing?

bablon53 says:

This video is one of the coolest ever!! Dam I can’t thank you enough to do content like this!

Samir Sami says:

Looks like you forgot to put Keegan’s link

MrBaron says:

13:45 when I saw the smoke for a minute I was like oh no lol

Greg Wayne says:

It could also be the pcv system.

Streamlined says:

You sir, are a treasure to the BMW community. Nice job and great video.

George Gi says:

Great and clear video DIY! Is it possible to change the updated feed line without removing the turbo? How to know if my car has an updated version? Thanks

Mike says:

Great content. I was just talking about maintenance with my brother between my E92/N54 and his F87. You have been my favorite BMW content provider for a while. Although we do not have this model, it is always enjoyable to watch you work and see what can be done at home.

Bence Gábor Slezák says:

I haven't slept in weeks I was so excited to see the engine. In the US it might not be quick but in Europe, a car with sub 6 seconds 0-60 is fast, and eu spec is 100kg lighter.

T S says:

Haha told you – that pesky oil feed pipe 🙂

Macht Schnell says:

So the later N26(?) came with electronically actuated waste gates (which I thought were superior) but you reinstalled the vacuum actuated waste gate because the (a) DME could not actuate it or the wiring was not present or (b) because you were working with what it had?

Surprised you found the non-MSport seats even tolerable let alone comfortable.

K C says:

If only it was this easy to replace the turbos on an N54….

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