How To Replace Your BMW Boost Solenoids!

How To Replace Your BMW Boost Solenoids!

In this video, I’ll share How To Replace Your BMW Boost Solenoids!

Directly through FCP Euro:

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07bigturk says:

How do you take the bottom nut off?

Donald Barron says:

Awesome show !! I just installed these same ones from FCP euro. Straight forward install. I didn't put the bottom screws back on just in case I need to remove them later. Top screws is more than enough to hold them. I did it for preventative maintenance on my wife's 535i. Nothing was wrong with the old ones. Did feel more peppy after the install !!

J Biz says:

I have 335d e90 2007 130k miles was perfect until driving and suddenly lost power started to misfire and now sudden sound of air escaping and oil coming from a pipe located underneath near the inter cooler

Bobby Byrd says:

Why the hell wouldn’t you show how to get both bolts off

Jared Lake says:

Where is the follow up video couldn't find it did it help your situation

Cody Boyd says:

Your explanation of the vacuum lines was excellent and saved me so much time. Thank you for taking the time to show that little detail.

ben ten says:

What is a waste gate?

dean albright says:

somebody get this man a milwaukee ratchet!!!

JRichens says:

Tried this on E90 335d, cannot get anywhere near them!!

TerryPattonHomes says:

Why do make some random reference about a nut down below and then reference a non-existent link to another video? VERY FRUSTRATING! I like to be able to run through an operation in my mind but now it is like the lobotomy left me with a blank spot there.

Steve says:

Great info. TY for uploading! Clear and concise DIY. I can see the improvement of your production quality from then to your current videos (which are very good). I have an 09 335i sedan N54 sort of like yours so doing a lot of maintenance like this on the car (and doing or trying to vlog the info for others). Project #weltspeed #projectweltspeed

-GA- Mancsfinest says:

just got the dreaded 30Fe TurboCharger,Charge Air Pressure to high /3100 boost presure control deactivated codes ,can you remember did it throw any codes up?,or did you just replace

Nikolay Dmitriev says:

what is the name of the screw? I dropped mine and I need to order a new one, what is the name of 10mm screws that hold solenoid? 5:20 time code if something

Cars And Blades says:

Have a 135i throwing random 30fe every now and then. Solenoids will be my first port of call to change. Nice and easy.

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