How To Remove And Replace The Rear Shocks On A BMW E30 – DIY In Under 2 Minutes!

How To Remove And Replace The Rear Shocks On A BMW E30 – DIY In Under 2 Minutes!

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►If your E30’s rear end feels bouncy and unplanted there is a good chance your rear shocks are toast. You can verify this by attempting a bounce test to see if the shock can control the oscillation of the spring. Alternatively, if the shock absorbers are covered in oil this is a sign they are leaking and require replacement. The good news is, this is an easy repair which requires minimal hand tools or equipment. You can even do it with the car sitting on the ground. We decided to install Bilstein B6 Performance shocks in this DIY to improve handling performance and response. Afterall, Bilstein yellow body shocks + E30 is a winning formula.

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Alex Alarcon says:

I’ve installed new rear Bilstein b8 and shock mounts but, apparently for some reason the shaft goes all the way up almost touching the trunk… any advice on why this is happening and how to correct. What am I missing?

Jack Suarez says:

So where on the shock stem/rod is the rubber dampener supposed to be?

Tomas Rodriguez says:

What year is this ?my suspension hardware is welded to the strut and won’t swap to new struts!!!! What parts can I get to replace them ?

Doug Beuerman says:

Nice use of improper tools (vice-grip, really?) to hold the shaft and complete lack of any mention of proper torque specs.

David Mitchell says:

When replacing the shocks, is it always necessary to replace the upper shock mount as well? Or is it the only reason you replaced this one was because it was in horrible shape?

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