How to install BLACK BMW G01 X3 Kidney Grilles and get rid of the chrome! Great X3 Mod!

How to install BLACK BMW G01 X3 Kidney Grilles and get rid of the chrome! Great X3 Mod!

Hey Everyone,

In today’s video, we’re going to show you how easy it is to upgrade your BMW G01 X3 Kidney Grilles from CHROME to BLACK! As you’ll see, it’s a very easy process and only takes a few moments to complete and the result is completely stunning!

Here’s a link to grilles and tools for this job:

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Joseph Chu says:

Hard to remove, not easy! broke a clip on each one trying to remove. I didn't mind so much because I don't think I'll go back, but I was planning to list them on ebay for couple of bucks!

studio7 says:

Thinking of replacing mine on a 320M Sport. Mine are chrome with black slats. Can you replace the chrome surround only? Any videos on YouTube of it?

Mongezi Ndimande says:

Is it possible to exchange current light in led adaptive light?

Scott J. Parisi says:

Now you need to show me how to update the badges and side vents on my M340i.

MGB says:

thanks for this video – have an 2022 x3 m40i on order but shadow line package was deleted. i want the black grill. where can i order one? and is there a full shadow line package that i can order and have placed on?

jeff wheeler says:

I followed the instructions from this video and replaced mine yesterday, just a few little glitches that i figured out. One thing I would do next time is to put some masking tape along the top of the bumper below the grill so when you pull the grill out it doesn't scratch the paint on the bumper. I had a few very minor scratches but I'm a stickler for perfection!

George C says:

can we get more G01 stuff?

DuMyy lan says:

wow ~ thanks, i just buy a X4 g02 .and i buy a new black kudney griller install by myself

Don Su says:

jeez, why are my grilles so hard to pull off.

Jang Lee says:

Ok update this guy made it seems simple lol. Good tutorial but i had to do lot of twisting tugging and one tab got broken. Well noobie mistake by me lol

Jang Lee says:

more g01 please. need louder exhaust. Straight pipe etc.

Abraham Lincoln says:

i want to do this on my 2021 G06 (X6) that i custom ordered. the sales idiots at TWO dealerships told me that the M sport shadow line replaces all the chrome. turns out they were full of shit. the grill and fake exhaust tips are still chrome, on my black X6. replacing that is a separate $300 "package" that i was specifically told i can't add because it's already in the M sport package. i can live with the fake chrome exhaust tips since i don't ever look down there. but every time i walk up to my otherwise beautiful car, the chrome shit infuriates me.

Brian Bailey says:

Subscribed for your G01 content. Thanks.

Kurtis Perminter says:

Can you update the 2018 x6 to illuminate??

Ken Jiang says:

Does anyone know if aftermarket grilles will still work with the BMW's active kidney grille function? Thanks.


Please tell me the truth on this… no BS. I have a 328i M-sport package. Is it ok to add the 3 color grill or no. I would never place a m badge on hood… just the Tri- color grill? Thank you.

Maximilian Fischer says:

Soooooo cool. Could'you do the same thing for the 1 Series f40 aswell? Got the 118i and as you said, i'm not one of t´he three persons who like chrome
Nice content. Also got the X3, and i think i'm going to change thing real soon

Thagu Gurkhali says:

Appreciate you so much for making videos on G01s! Keep them coming Bro. There aren’t many out in YouTube, SUBSCRIBED!!!

Cindy Thuy Loan Nguyen says:

Do these black grills fix BMW X3 M40i ?, which website I can order these grills ?

Kyle says:

$143 installed at BMW. Thanks for this!

Goran L says:

Great video and explanation mate. I will get this black grilles for my X3 30d…

Sutip Nitibhon says:

Please do the mirror cover too!!!! Thank you.

Randy Friesen says:

important note to make this way easier and not mentioned in video. The three tabs that you initially press down, get hung up after you pull the grill out half an Inch. this is where there is a cut in the video. at that point, use a pick tool to lift those tabs up over the plastic they are hung up on. also make sure when you push back in tabs are in right spot, easy to miss on the top and go above slot… oops.

Oleksii Smorodinov says:

Much easier than on f25!!!

fricfracfrank says:

More G01 content please 🙂

Marc V says:

Are these active kidneys ? I mean, is the closing system behind the grilles ? Thx

Uwe Nielbock says:

Super Video, Grüße aus Deutschland

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