How to change the CABIN AIR FILTER in your BMW F30, F32, F80, F82, F83 and more!

How to change the CABIN AIR FILTER in your BMW F30, F32, F80, F82, F83 and more!

Hey Everyone,

Chances are you’ve thought about your motor air filter to allow your motor to breathe easy, but when’s the last time you thought about your Cabin Air Filter to help you breathe easy? In today’s video, we’re going to show you how to change the Cabin Air Filter in your BMW! This process is exactly the same in the F30, F32, F80, F82, F83 and other cars, it’s super easy to do and BMW recommends this change about every 30-40k miles.

Here’s a link to the BMW OEM filter we used:

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Rob Roselli says:

I followed this tutorial to change my filter and it was pretty seamless however now my 12v lighter doesn’t work. Any idea what could’ve happened to cause this?

Alex Masso says:

Thanks Bro! I just changed mine and saved a lot of money at the dealer!!!

John Narvell says:

I swear BMW makes everything a pita. I’ve had two cars where you literally drop the glovebox, pull the old filter out and slide the new one in. 30 second, zero tools job.


Don’t let the dealer do it!!! They wanted $179 for this job. . Filter was $25 and my time was about 15 min. Crazy!! Thanks for your amazing content.

Bob Dobbs says:

Thanks for all the awesome videos. Successfully replaced my cabin air filter today! Now if you could please get some carbon fiber grilles in stock I could replace those next.

Fauzan Sheikh says:

I actually sneezed when the filter cover popped out

Justificable says:

What about F07 ?

Michael Schielke says:

Thanks! Helped me change mine.

Juve says:

Great video. I watched a couple others to see how to replace this filter in my wife's 2014 435i. Your video was the best IMO cuz you had someone else hold the camera. I appreciate other people doing videos like this by themselves to help us all out, but it's better when someone else holds the camera. Thanks!

Eshay says:

Is there a need to disconnect the battery?

feersty says:

You forgot F23 😉

F A M says:

Hi there, is the filter in the same location on right hand drive models (UK) or is it in the same location under the glove box on the left hand side? Thanks in advance!

Adeel A says:

Quick question. How do I add to my iDrive that this filter has been changed?

rémy says:

Someone tried with an f34?

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