How to Change, Install, and REGISTER a BMW Battery with My Carly (BMW F30, F15, F25, and more!)

How to Change, Install, and REGISTER a BMW Battery with My Carly (BMW F30, F15, F25, and more!)

Hey Everyone,

Today, we’re going to show you how to change, install and register a new battery in a BMW. We’re demonstrating this process on a 2013 F30 335, however, it’s the same process in the F80, F32, F15, F25, and just about any other BMW that requires the registration process.

If you’re looking for professional help, contact our friend Mark @, as he offers a remote service to help with the battery registration process.

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Ahmz0 says:

Thank you for the video. I tried using CARLY to register a new battery on my E65 but the option is not supported on 2003 E65. Is there an alternative way?

john grose says:

AGM batteries need to be secured properly. The top top bracket is not a securing device. Without the ledge bracket the battery will move and vibrate.

john grose says:

Also how do you refasten the ledge bracket.

john grose says:

Sorry Buddy. You missed a vital step. Ledge bracket. I can't believe you pulled it out before loosening or removing it.

Auronedge Vicks says:

rocking my 2014 x3 original battery in 2022. Just use a trickle charger folks

Pauline Fleischauer says:

What happens if I don't have the app and Carly plug in to reset my battery? Can I drive my car before I get it?

Ken says:

Hi Brian, don’t know if this was asked in one of the questions already but do I have to replace my battery with a BMW battery? I have a 2015 328i and really don’t want to drop $450 on one if I don’t have to.

monkey see monkey do says:

i change my battery and a didnt regist the new battery . but after driving 15min i got a drivetrain malfuction. is it because i did registe the new battery in my vehicule that error pop up ?

Julius Caesar says:

It's gonna cost over 200 to get this exact feature for your carly scanner plus the battery which goes anywhwre between 200 for a decent battery that will last almost 3 years and almost 700 dollars for the original battery that will last 8 years your pick good luck bimmer fans

elpeladodelsamba elpeladodelsamba says:

for m3 f80?

John Z says:

Do I have to reset computer

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