Every E90 Owner Eventually Needs To Do This. | BMW Subframe DIY

Every E90 Owner Eventually Needs To Do This. | BMW Subframe DIY

In this video I show you how to remove your subframe on your E90 or E92 BMW. This DIY
will be especially useful for anyone that wants to know what would be involved with changing their oil pan gasket.

You could also follow this DIY if you’re tackling replacing your turbos on an N54 or N55 powered car.

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Greg Wayne says:

Your videos are very excellent. Thank you. How much harder is it to get to these things if you have the "XI" instead of the "I" version? I'm very concerned that it's going to be a nightmare for me to do my 335XI O2 sensors to be honest LOL. (I know that's a different video). I'm not as young as I used to be so it's not quite as exciting as it used to be to wrench on crazy big projects like this one. LOL.

Benjamin Opfermann says:

Did you have any alignment issues with your suspension after removing the subframe and lower control arms at all? Or, did you have an alignment done afterwards? Thanks and great content.

E90 Bmw says:

Oh hell no for a oil pan gasket i rather have some oil leaks only there not in the engine bay

Mario Dalla Riva says:

Question: Did you leave the steering shaft connected to the rack the whole time?? It looks like you did but I wanted to be sure.

I'm doing my 128i oil pan gasket. I was able to remove the pan by only lowering the subframe (six bolts) but it looks like a bitch to re-install the pan afterwards. Your video shows it's not difficult to further disconnect the subframe from the suspension to allow more room.
BTW your tip about the swivel 16mm gearwrench was awesome! I purchased one after watching this video several months back and it was the cat's left nut, thx!

Omar Jimenez says:

Heros don't wear capes. You my friend. Thank you for sharing this with the world

David Cross says:

Did you reuse the subframe bolts?

ben down says:

Well done doing it solo!

David VanOpstall says:

This is amazing!!! Could someone in the community tell me if this is close to the same process for a 2011 128i (e88)? Not many videos out there for the 128i. Thank you!

Raul Perez says:

Can I use a cherry picker to lift motor up instead or no ?

Anthony A. says:

I just cut the gasket in 2 pieces and installed it in a fraction of the time and used sealant were the ends meet and its been two years and no oil leaks whatsoever

Abdalqadr Majd says:

Greetings for you from Iraq

dk RaWk says:

is it just me that has all of the bolts spinning on the black V shaped bar?

Kyle says:

about to do this to install my upgraded turbos on my 335i finally next week, thank u so much for the videos

Michael Mahas says:

Hey man thanks so much for this video. I had to change the subframe because there was a large crack on the weld. Was going to take it to a shop and they quoted me a little less than 800$. It looked hard the first time I saw it. But after watching it 15 times I finally got it. Thank you so much.

Chris Bosworth says:

Is there a way to remove that coolant line without dropping your subframe?

jorge beltran says:

i am guessing it should not be more different on 128i

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