DIY How To install 10.25" Android Navigation GPS Backup camera 2008 BMW E70 X5 CCC Connection

DIY How To install 10.25" Android Navigation GPS Backup camera 2008 BMW E70 X5 CCC Connection

4×4 Shop Canada is a Canadian based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes car video interfaces to add multiple cameras or Apple CarPlay/Android auto to factory head units, OEM fit Android multimedia screens, Tesla style head units, roof or rear entertainment systems, Video-In-Motion and rear, front and side cameras, dash cams (DVR), remote starters to expand the electronics capabilities of vehicles. Our goods & services are exported to around 40 countries worldwide. The vital device of our product line is our OEM fit Android Screen replacements that expand video input options to your vehicle’s navigation screens and the freedom of using Android features in your vehicle.


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We are constantly working to provide you with the newest and most efficient versions of our software and again unlike most of the competitors out there for the first time in North America we do Tech Support directly from Canada by “Video chat”.
While the installation of our products is relatively simple, we always recommend your rely on the help of a professional installer to ensure the proper operation of your 4×4 shop Canada device.
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Please watch: “10.25” Android Screen navigation and backup camera for BMW 4 series convertible”



gerard mackenzie says:

My apple CarPlay on mine goes on and off could it be a bad cable!!!

Adham says:

Great job on the installation and presentation. Does it show air conditioner settings? Im still on the fence for this upgrade because it doesnt show oil level. Thank you

Versatile of 2ndhalf says:

Best tutorial

Darko Kriz says:

How to add somw. other navigation except iGo amd Maps? I installed TomTom but it does not let me choose it as default Navigation?! Also all usb music filders are put tugether in one list. how to keep it separated by folder?

J D'Auria says:

Lost me when you started routing wires through the glove box and down the pillar. Is there a wire from the trunk that is routed to the glove box?

Batman 636 says:

Great system and very good video…but I can't get the usb to play

christion anthony says:

I need some help can’t find the 12v wire for the reverse found the ground it’s the brown wire but don’t know the color for positive on a 2007 x5 basic installing reverse camera trunk handle so when put in reverse it’ll initiate the screen

aljohn tabion says:

So does the kit just replace the screen or is this a complete new CCC/CIC radio unit.. the only reason I ask is because my current one is constantly freezing and only works when it wanna works.

Errel Vincent Ceniza says:

Can we still drive the car without the function of the display, radio, ac button?

CHUYX6 says:

I got mine but if makes the original car screen small like 2"×2" how can i fix it please i need help thanks.

btchplz deeznutz says:

amazing for my vehicle…mega upgrade!

Marco Toscano says:

Hi, I Have connected OEM Camera connector to new monitor, I have select OEM camera on system settings menu but I have no signal, Camera doesn't work…Any suggestion?

SaalehSP S says:

I installed mine today but it did not have the aux which you stated if necessary however I do not have any sound but on the harness I do have the rca aux out red and white do I need to get a rca to aux to run into my factory aux in? Also my original I drive will not fit the size of the screen I have tried all vehicle screens options in the Android settings

Lenz Tv says:

Does it work with the joystick ?

mieldescorpion says:

Great video thx

Bruno Christensen says:

Hi. I just installed my unit, but the factory pasword doesn't work. I have Google and tryed others there was showed. 1314 – 1688 – 2018 dosent worke.

Michael edwards says:

Bought 2 lol one for my wife

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