DIY E93 BMW 328i Oil Pan Gasket Replacement (E90,91,92)

DIY E93 BMW 328i Oil Pan Gasket Replacement (E90,91,92)

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In this video I go over the process of replacing oil pan gasket on N51/52 engine of BMW 328i, this is exactly the same process on all other e90 body types but DO NOT applies to all wheel drive 328xi. It is also very similar to 128i and 528i with n52 engine.

Engine oil pan gasket part # 11 13 7 548 031 (I used elring seal)
Engine oil level sensor o-ring part # 12 61 1 744 292 (erring)
Engine oil filter part # 11 42 7 953 129 (hengst)
Motor mounts part # 22 11 6 760 330 (Corteco is OEM and left and right are the same)

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@AfricaTwin38 says:

Hi Tim, watching your video regularly since a little while now, not only you are very calm & precise in your explanation, but also very fit & courageous to work alone… Could you please share more information regarding the extensions and socket that are loose. I am from Europe (France), I'd like to get some where can I order them from?

@bellacotim says:

Well done. Your experience is on display compared to all the DIYs I've seen on this subject

@SWAT-qb2qy says:

I appreciate your work, Nice DIY video man thanks

@cosmos2382 says:

You know when u open up the hood e92 and where the hood latch goes. i lost a bolt down there do u know how i can get it out

@CarlosOrtiz-ds4cr says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge…❤

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