BMW Tyre Plugger, Must Have Tool if you Have No Spare Tyre. DIY REPAIR “Tire for the Americans"

BMW Tyre Plugger, Must Have Tool if you Have No Spare Tyre. DIY REPAIR “Tire for the Americans"

This video is a guide how to repair your tyre if you have a puncture no spare, far better than any gunk, glue or repair fluid the manufacturer supplies.
A must if your car has run flat tyres.
Amazon £28, Link is,
Pick up off eBay for £35



Ádám Fazekas says:

it actually looks i can hold the tyre permanently. Can I use this method for long term as well, or it is just a method for getting to the nearest tyre garage?
So, how permanent can this method be on your experience?

Sunrise Boy says:

Such simple instruction. Great. Thank you. I wish more presenters had the same clear, and effective instructive method. Thanks again.

Asaad Alvi says:

Awesome, really saves the day

Arts&Trusts says:

Hey anton mate. The link you provide to amazon alot of the plugs are red. Will this have a bearing on mot? Or doesnt the plug colour matter?

Luckey says:

He Aaanton, what's the name of these kits, and where can I get one of these tool kits to do this, apart from E-bay or Amazon? I have a 5 series BMW on run flats…! So, you see my predicament. Hope to hear from you. Regards to you and thanks for this helpful video.

Anonymous says:

Would you recommend a tyre plug gun over the conventional tyre repair kits?

Xeno Morph says:

Another one that drives a Bmw and can't afford another tire/tires??
A tire plug is an aid to get from A to B, NOT permanent!!
To keep driving it and in doing so putting the life of many viewers, you and passengers at risk!
First i thought only Russians are so stupid to do so until i turned up the volume………
Maybe that Brexit was a good deal after all, or not…….

Arts&Trusts says:

Does anyone have a link to ebay for this. Struggling to find.

Alejandro César Blumenfeld says:

Awesome!! Do you know if this part is sold Worldwide or just in the UK? Thanks mate!

Mick T says:

Brilliant piece of kit, will get one for myself and for my son.
Will it get you through an MOT?

Chris-90 says:

Thats a nifty tool , next screw in me tyre might not see the tyre garage next time !

Michael B says:

Remember me with the E93 moaning about run flats? Once the roofs folded into the boot, should manage a thick crust pizza, let alone a spare, Ta for this mate, for the sake of a comfortable ride on normal tyres, I’ll take a gamble..

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