BMW F30 Rear Differential Fluid Replacement DIY (2012-2018 BMW 328i, 335i, & More)

BMW F30 Rear Differential Fluid Replacement DIY (2012-2018 BMW 328i, 335i, & More)

►Replacing the BMW F30 rear differential fluid, or the differential fluid in any car for that matter is an often overlooked regular maintenance task.

One of the most important parts of differential fluid replacement is the fluid itself. Choosing the correct gear oil will ensure a long, trouble-free life for your BMW’s differential. In the case of the BMW F30 328i, we recommend Genuine BMW 75W-80 Hypoid Axle Oil.

In this video, Gareth Foley, FCP Euro’s BMW Catalog Manager, covers how to replace your old differential fluid with new fluid using minimal tools. This is a job anyone can complete in their garage or driveway.

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BMW Differential Drain/Fill Plug – OE Supplier 33117525064-

BMW Differential Fluid Extractor Adapter – FCP Euro B3300000-

Extraction/Filling Syringe Pump (200cc) – CTA Tools 7075-


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00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Tools Needed
01:16 – Remove Vibration Damper
01:57 – Remove Drain/Fill Plug
02:30 – Syphon Oil Out
04:47 – What Oil We Are Using
05:27 – Fill Differential With New Oil
06:45 – Install New Plug, Tighten, and Torque
07:15 – Install Vibration Damper
07:50 – Conclusion

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Corbin Williams says:

My vehicle has 180,000 miles on it, never thought I could change the diff fluid until I found this video… Is this something I should do, or avoid it now that the vehicle is at such high mileage?

Lieutenant Dan says:

Hi, great video. Which transmission oil and diff fluid do you recommend for, 320d 2013 touring? Thanks.

Amer Chioles says:

Will this be similar or the same for an m235i xdrive? Can’t find a DIY anywhere

Carl Engholm says:

When I did this I made an adapter for my suction pump out of a piece of metal brake line. You can bend it as needed to get the most old fluid out of the transfer case or diff.

Eugene L says:

Just FYI for those that want to be as close to what BMW calls for as possible: the harmonic dampener E12 bolt has a torque spec of 19 Nm. The fill plug, as stated, at 60 Nm. I just reused old plug since I did not order replacement plug timely. I do these every 30K miles, so I plan to replace the plug at the next change. So far, no leaks, so reusing is certainly an option. Took about 850mL, I would say, so just order 2 bottles.

RIZ900 says:

Where do I use the 17mm socket he mentioned?

Mohamed Tarek says:

I have 2015 320 and it has 65k KMS on it, how often do I need to change the differential oil ?

Fabio Ortiz says:

Hi! Thanks for the valuable info!
Can i use a GL-5 oil, instead of a GL-4? (both 75w85). I've been searching and found sources claiming that you shouldn't use GL-5 on manual gearboxes since the additives for EP (extreme pressure) may damage copper and copper (syncromesh rings). But when you are using them on a differencial, the GL-5 is actually welcome, due it's EP additives

Senad Selimovic says:

Would be great to see the old oil on how dirty it is compared to new one.

Kenneth Felder says:

I have a BMW 2011 328i x drive it wobbles in the rear like the rim is bent, it worsen when riding @ around 20 to 30 mph the higher speeds its lesson. Could you tell me what is the problem? It's not a bent rim I replaced the rear rim, still the same results.

Khan S says:

Would it hurt anything if you were at like 90K-100K miles when you did this?

Myuran Thaniga says:

Is it similar to do for E91 models, do we need to do 50miles interval ??

Voll Care says:

Please keep in mind that cars with an LSD need another diff oil !!!

Usually 75W140 with LSD supplements

Jason Burt says:

Great video and explanations! Fluid drag is a big deal in a BMW diff. It will take away wheel horsepower. I wish FCP Euro would carry Amsoil Severe Gear. hint hint.

Juan Pablo Prieto says:

Please show the transfer case and front diff as well

Jay Parnes says:

Any value to tipping up the front end to send the fluid to the back of the diff. Maybe get a little more out?

mark burkey says:

Those 120xp ratchets are the best! Been using them my whole career!

RiddleReloading says:

Great video as usual, hope you guys do F30 transfer case next!

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