Bmw Eps diagnose and repair (No Flexray communication)

Bmw Eps diagnose and repair (No Flexray communication)

In this video we diagnose a bmw f20 with an Eps (Electronic power steering) fault.
We have no flexray communication, so let’s diagnose this together!



@lysandernjai9444 says:

Thanks ever so much. You saved my life. I had a similar problem with my car, and your video just helped me

@josephgoundry2376 says:

To whom it may concern, my name is Joe and I own a 2015 Bmw 750li xdrive.
I was using the protool to code my car and i believe i made a mistake of testing the Flexray option and gave me so many errors and lights on the dashboard. After clearing the codes and restarted the car, Night visiont camera, both side mirror camera and backup camera stop working. I am in desperate need of advice on what i should i do. I tried pretty much anything i could with the protool app. Restore the cameras to factory settings, and still didn't work.
I would absolutely appreciate any advice and help i get. Thanks in advance.
Joe G

@MrClarck100 says:

Is there a way to replace the torque sensor in the steering rack?

@islanddiagnostics3925 says:

Is the steering rack serviceable?
I am working on a F13 650i and the torque sensor in the steering rack is bad.

@vicky-nc3to says:

thankyou dan for the upload.
So the voltage was elevated in flexray wires because of bad ground. where did you put ground connection while taking measurement in scope ?

@akdenyer says:

Is that a factory scan tool?

@robyedumor8848 says:

Hi are you in the netherlands?

@mike-yp1uk says:

Two places I like to check out daily to see interesting diagnostic videos are diagnosis Dan and Scanner Danner, let's not forget Eric and Ivan. Lol

@thingsido6067 says:

Ik heb dit juist voorgehad met mijn F30 (2012) Heel plotseling ook, auto 's avonds geparkeerd, 's morgends willen vertrekken en geen EPS meer. Kwam er nog bij dat mijn RPA systeem uitgevallen was en mijn tractie controle, staat dit in verband met elkaar? Ik moet er ook wel bij vertellen dat ik 2 weken voorheen een nieuwe dashbord cluster (instrumenten paneel) heb moeten laten vervangen omdat alle indicatie lampjes begonnen te flikkeren. Ik heb wel niet dezelfde met het kleine digitaal schermpje maar een 6WA met het het grotere digitaal scherm laten installeren met een extra MOST kabel om de boel te doen laten werken. Goeie video trouwens, als ik mijn wagen terug heb ga ik dit eerste werk nakijken, beter nog laat de garagist dit filmpje zien en we kijken het samen na

@fadilabban5769 says:

Hi Danny, would you please publish the exact name of your power probe that can test load the circuit. I can't find it.

@fiiianknight says:

Thanks Dan going to check the ground on my friend's car. It comes up with 30 error codes.

@wtungdong says:

Excellent demonstration!

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