BMW E90 Door Lock Actuator Repair

BMW E90 Door Lock Actuator Repair

Big thanks to for providing the parts for this video.

This is a common part failure on the E90 platform. I diagnosed the problem in this previous video:

In this video I show you how to replace it yourself. It’s pretty easy.

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Jacek Dzulynski says:

Great, thanks a lot, helpful. I don't know if was said but no need of removing handle.

89Jonathanp says:

Does the actual key that you take out of the key fob still work

Jeff Laydon says:

The link to the door diagnosis goes to a transmission video instead. I am trying to figure out why my Z4 locks will lock but not open up again.

Martini15Racing says:

hello, I am very grateful for the videos of the bmw thank you very much, I have a problem with an m54b30 engine, let's see if you can help me… the cold car has cylinder failure 2 and 5 p1350 and p1344. vibrates when cold but it only fails when it's cold when it gets a little hot and it's fine, it also gives me faluts p1650 and p0444 although I don't think it has anything to do with the fault, don't know. thank you very much and sorry for the translator.

chad warden says:

Talk about bad luck lol. Mine just broke yesterday!

Kalib Sima says:

Hi man love your videos, id just want to add on. I had tried to troubleshoot an error with the door lock actuators on an e90 in the past where all the mechanisms in them were fine and lubricate well. The only problem was needing to replace one of the motors inside the actuator to open the door as it seemed to have a dead short from arcing inside the motor. This is sometimes a problem I feel with some of these mechanisms as well and the motors are generic as you can just solder a new one in with its gear pressed on.

Once again thank you for your videos over the years you got me into the deep understanding of the e46 and I just want to say thank for that hey.

Shirley says:

Hello, I am a supplier of auto clips from China. Do you need auto clips?

DjDestinyChicago says:

I just did this on my E60. A lot easier and less involved on the E60 for sure.

David Lo says:

A couple of years back I replaced my E90 rear right door lock actuator. I went to the parts guy and came back with a F30 door lock. So I looked it up, what guess what, the E90 door lock is discontinued and you CAN use a F30 lock, it's interchangeable. It's a different design, not sure if it's a better design.

Alec Kristi says:

the issues I had with my lock actuators were always broken gears… it would just keep cycling up and down whether I'm opening or closing. a friend of mine had an issue with the jbe.

ubaldc says:

My F30 locks both needed replacing due to slow actuation. Either way, I always learn from this channel and truly am impressed with your ability to educate.

mtamo moo says:

My man 50s kid

K C says:

Great video! My car has the same indentation as yours, very strange indeed… 13:25

Utah York says:

Does the E90 not have airbags in the doors? You are giving me confidence to move from an E46 to E90. Thanks for taking time to help us all.

gbalstad says:

Looking good and healthy! Thanks for another great video!

jose da silva says:

Excellent video mate

Jorge Martinez says:

En donde tienes tu taller?

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