BMW E90 325xi Oil Filter Housing Gasket Replacement (N52 328i, X5, 128i, 525i & More)

BMW E90 325xi Oil Filter Housing Gasket Replacement (N52 328i, X5, 128i, 525i & More)

►If you own a BMW with an N52, N52N, or N54 engine you can almost be assured that at some point you will be replacing the oil filter housing gasket seal. The seal in question is a soft rubber seal that sits in the filter housing and seals it to the engine block. Over time this seal due to exposure to heat and oil will become hard, shrink, and eventually lose its seal. What then results is a nice oil puddle underneath your vehicle originating from the oil filer housing, or in extreme prolonged cases will result in buildup of gunk on the front of the engine.

Oil leaks are never a good thing, but this is a high pressure oil leak that can have negative affects on the performance of your engine as well. If you have detected this oil leak it is recommended to make the repair immediately. Our resident BMW guru and catalog manager, Gareth, walks you through the steps needed to replace your oil filter housing gasket and coolant flange on your N52 powered BMW.

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This video applies to the following vehicles:
BMW 330i
2006 BMW 330i

BMW 325i
2006 BMW 325i

BMW 530i
2006 BMW 530i
2007 BMW 530i

BMW 525i
2006 BMW 525i
2007 BMW 525i

BMW 530xi
2006 BMW 530xi
2007 BMW 530xi

BMW 525xi
2006 BMW 525xi
2007 BMW 525xi

BMW 325xi
2006 BMW 325xi

BMW 330xi
2006 BMW 330xi

BMW 328i
2007 BMW 328i
2008 BMW 328i
2009 BMW 328i
2010 BMW 328i
2011 BMW 328i
2012 BMW 328i
2012 BMW 328i
2012 BMW 328i 3.0L L6
2013 BMW 328i 3.0L L6
2013 BMW 328i 3.0L L6

BMW 328xi
2007 BMW 328xi
2008 BMW 328xi

2007 BMW X3
2008 BMW X3
2009 BMW X3
2010 BMW X3

2007 BMW X5 3.0si
2008 BMW X5 3.0si
2009 BMW X5 xDrive30i
2010 BMW X5 xDrive30i

BMW 528i
2008 BMW 528i
2009 BMW 528i
2010 BMW 528i

BMW 528xi
2008 BMW 528xi

BMW 128i
2008 BMW 128i
2009 BMW 128i
2010 BMW 128i
2011 BMW 128i
2012 BMW 128i
2013 BMW 128i

BMW 528i xDrive
2009 BMW 528i xDrive
2010 BMW 528i xDrive

BMW 328i xDrive
2009 BMW 328i xDrive
2010 BMW 328i xDrive
2011 BMW 328i xDrive
2012 BMW 328i xDrive
2013 BMW 328i xDrive


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castamir says:

So many incorrect information about the bolts being used on the oil filter housing. For the N52 engine, the oil filter housing bolts are steel. Not aluminum. Take a magnet to the bolts to see for yourself. Also, the torque setting for these bolts are 15-16lb-ft, well below the max ratings for these bolts. These steel bolts are rated at 35lb-ft, but can handle even more. Of course, it never hurts to use brand new oil filter housing bolts. But it adds no benefits either.

Caleb Hill says:

Do you absolutely need to drain the coolant?

slimmn118 says:

Man, I almost spilled my coffee when I saw how you poured the oil ;-). Nice video. Many thanks.

Matteo G says:

If only BMW would use some quality gaskets, they wouldn't be notorious for oil leaks

Johnny Walker says:

Dude! Nice. Thanks

Michael Vollmer says:

Fyi all oil filter housing bolts are E10

dont know says:

Video show Exactly what I needed to know doing my oil filter gasket this weekend. I will pressure was the engine bay before doing the job.

jw200 says:

1:09 pushes the … ?
Didnt understand the last part?
What it pushes?

Ethan H says:

I understand that you don't lose torque with the extension, but wouldn't you lose torque with the E10 swivel socket? (since it swivels / connects to the bolt at an angle). Should we adjust for this in any way by setting the torque wrench a little bit higher?

Fernando Coronel says:

Hi you doing. you guys but by accident I change my oil filter gasket and I didn’t tight enough and somehow oil gets into water line and know I have oil in radiator. I did a flush already but still oil.
I don’t think is a blow head gasket since my car never overheating before and car is not running hot. What could be the problem so I can fix my car before get bad. Thank you.

dat_devil_dawg 2115 says:

Did this on my 325xi. Everything was covered in a THICK layer of oil and gunk. Couldn't even see inside the alternator it was so badly covered.

Chad Riddle says:

Love the n52 videos keep them rolling! Do you need to replace the Mickey Mouse flange bolts? Or reuse old ones ok?

SirLoock says:

Is it possible to have coolant mix with your oil through the oil housing gasket failing? I noticed the leak and opened my oil cap and could see the death milk on the cap. got a long weekend ahead next weekend.

Abraham says:

Hello, would this be a similar procedure to change the coolant flange and oil filter housing gasket for a 2011 e92 xdrive?

Forrest Shields says:

Having an N51 doesn't matter right? Same process?

Toby Darkins says:

I appreciate the video, but if you were working on my $40,000 car, I would be extremely disappointed!!
Your shade tree mechanic torquing of fasteners is NOT ACCEPTABLE to charge $130+/hr to not use a torque wrench and apply the proper angles as specified. Many other guys on YIUTUBE show spending the time to do it correctly. Do you redo the job for free when the customer comes back before 90,000 mi that this repair should last??

Absolutely cannot BELIEVE you were grinding off the coolant hose METAL band with the BOTH THE COOLANT AND OIL SYSTEMS EXPOSED!!! Imagine the metallic particles you introduced. Simple to cover it with a rag. Oh yeah, the filter housing had paper towels in it, bit it was over on the bench.
Pouring the oil without a funnel, upside down!! Those containers are designed to pour smoothly from the highpoint!! I expect better from FCP EURO demo tech videos. NOT FUNNY, NOT ENTERTAINING… INFURIATING!
Exactly why I buy parts from FCP EURO and do the job myself like someone who cares
Not sorry for the tone, I really expected better from FCP EURO.

battlehrfred says:

Excellentttt Video Sir, Great Detail. Question @16:38 you mentioned head bolt snaps off. I have a 2013 x5 35i 3.o litre turbo. is this problem with the 2013 also? ty

Angelo B says:

Extensions dont change the torque but sadly the u joint decreases torque as the angle increases. This was overlooked.

Studio Supreme Channel says:

thank you for the video! I did it to my X3 2003 last year. man, yesterday, I found out there is small oil leak at the same place. I need to do it again… I drove only 6000 miles since I have replaced these gaskets. this time, I will do it right, though. thank you.

Chris Rich says:

Are new bolts for the housing required or can you reuse the old ones?

Dank Elf says:

What’s the torque for these screws?

TheFlyingPLiner says:

Some audio issues on this? I've got the volume cranked, holding the phone to my eardrum and I can barely hear anything.

David Ydoate says:

Instead of a swivel E10, I had really good success with a 1/4" drive Universal Spline Socket (forget which exact size) and a generic 1/4" u-joint adapter, along with some extensions. Home depot has a Husky 100-position ratchet and universal socket set for ~$30 I think. That worked absolutely fine with no problems (still need a separate u-joint and a couple of 1/4" extensions), as the socket gives you more than enough clearance to get to the bolt with the u-joint attached. Benefit: it gives you some actually useful sockets to use in the future.

Also, you need to bleed the coolant system once you do this. It's super easy to do and all it involves is letting the car sit idle for 12 minutes and pushing the gas pedal. Search specifically for E90 Coolant Bleed Procedure.

colin malone says:

Should have opened oil filter before draining oil

jamdc2000 says:

Great video as always guys, just one question, what are the most common size etorx sockets for diy on bmws? An etorx set is kind of expensive here in my country, I rather buy 'em individually, thanks in advance

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