BMW E46 Alternator Replacement DIY

BMW E46 Alternator Replacement DIY

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Brian Ganger says:

What is interesting is that my 2001 330i had the torx – so a hydraulic tensioner. I can say it is going to be a pain to get everything lined up and the bolts in. My bolts – especially the lower one has surface rust on it. Should I clean it or lubricate it before putting back in?

Privatericky says:

Can you replace the alternator without removing the fan?

Frank J says:

Welcome back Jason. It's been four years since this tutorial. I am seeing more E46 & E39 (which share some parts, and the alternators in general) in the yard, and a higher percentage of them replaced with Bosch remanufactured ones. I have a 2003 330i (108,688 miles, owner since 2004, garaged all the time in Portland Oregon) and luckily the alternator manifests no issues. Nevertheless I saw a Bosch Premium AL0703X (like yours) in fairly decent shape, so I pulled it. Did not recall whether it was attached to an air duct (probably not). The pulley turns smoothly. Took it home, and peaked into the air duct: it was full of junk, cigarette butts, leaves, a few moths. I pulled them all out, and to play safe, open the plastic cover, and found more inside. Since you have opened up a lot of parts, and even repaired them, so do you think I can safely use this alternator? I hope you'll answer this comment, so more people will be aware of potential issues. Thank you for all your good work.

Piet Marais says:

Great video!!… thanks!! I bought my bmw 330i 6 speed exclusive new in 2004..and it still looks new!..the altenator becomes noisy now after 289000km…can you replace the bearings or must you change the altenator?

David Wilson says:

cheers mate. just swapped my one in 30mins after watching this. also saved me £££

bennyz says:

Very nice and clear audio and video thanks for the help need to replace alternator on x5 e53 got an idea.

revell55 says:

I’ve got a BMW e46 330D and my battery keeps dying, I’ve changed it about a month ago it’s died again! I’ve checked eveything in car and nothing is left on when the car is off, so I really don’t know what it could be, anyone have any ideas?

Eric Garcia says:

It took me several hours to remove altonator without removing fan shroud assembly.

Jack Darcy says:

some differences for my 2003 325xi touring. have the newer style belt tensioner, but it was a 15mm nut, and there was no cover on there (the nut's an outie, no cover could ever fit). pulled clockwise to loosen the belt. the power cable bolt on the back of the alternator was a 12mm nut.

wes west says:

can you do the voltage regular/brushes on the back with the alternator still installed? thanks

Nicholas Nikbin says:

i dont need the special fan tool if i have a manual right? its just 4 screws?

Georgi Nedev says:

Great video. Btw, is there a way to change only the pulley that sits on the altnernator if it is bad?

Monica Renteria says:

That it’s this easy !

Monica Renteria says:

Ok but there’s no wires or cables for bmw alternators ? I

V E says:

Mine bounces between 12.6 and 13.7 while driving. Is this normal? Alternator is 6 years old, and battery is 1 year old. Thanks

gone elsewhere says:

My e46 alternator doesnt have air flow going to it its a 316ti compact 1.8 se msport

rano deshan says:

Wow you are the Man. I wish I lived near you. Here in England it's not easy to find anyone so proficient in BMW engineering.

Juantis Phillips says:

Whats the name of the fan tools? Anyone know where to get them cheap?

lazerduck says:

Hey, how do you know the new alternator will fit?

Dan Man says:

I decided to use a crowbar to get the alternator loose and it broke my power steering pump pulley. Still cheaper than the shop

Francisco Cervantes says:

It's still not coming off after I hammer it. Can someone help me!!!

digital commandos says:

For anyone looking to do this you actually don’t need to remove the fan or use a torx on the tensioner to change the alternator as all videos suggest. Tug the top of the belt towards the alternator it’ll move the pulley and you can slip the belt off the alternator, do the same in reverse to refit.

Robert Heatherington says:

Wait…… what did you call the cutting pliers????

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