BMW 330i 325i E46 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement DIY

BMW 330i 325i E46 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement DIY

How to change a valve cover gasket on an E46 BMW.

Purchase a Victor Reinz valve cover gasket here:

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Rick Castillo says:

Do you sale any kits ?

Jngl says:

Yo man. Thanks for sharing this video. It's super handy. I pulled the sparkplugs and they're saturated in oil on the cylinders showing misfires. Would the gaskets on the sparkplug bores cause oil to saturate my sparkplugs?

Cheez-itconnoisseur22 says:

Thank god for this guy’s video

carlos cortez says:

just in time, 6 years later! Here I come

Matteo Marinelli says:

Hi congratulations on the videos!

What is the name of the red paste you put before the gasket?

Thank you!

eezz1963 says:

Agree with last comments Thanks just finished doing my one 🙂

Dragoness Nat says:

You are a literal Godsend. Thank you for so clearly sharing your knowledge on YT. Ppl like you are saints!

Eduardo Avila says:

Thanks for the help I loved the vid , just subscribed keep it up ! I’m working on the source of my eml light on my e46 I just changed the coils and spark plugs and bam eml after I finished :/

Eric Matheri says:

Is silicone necessary for this installation?

lookatme says:

Well even though this video was made 6 years ago I'm watching it now and finding it extremely useful and the most informational and best filmed video I can find! Good stuff! Thank you for the awesome content!!!

David Stockwell says:

What a pleasant man and car doctor. Hope you are well and thanks for the video. Champion

tAvi ElLi says:

Great help, I appreciate you.

Dan Mower says:

Love this guy. He makes it look easy. Here's some additional things I encountered when doing this job on my 2006 E46 with 96k mi.
It's really helpful to have a magnetic tool with a light on the end for recovering the screws/nuts you will inevitably drop. Ditto for a 'grabber' tool for the non-magnetic rubber seals. The beamer has a lot of places where dropped tools and parts get stuck – count your blessings when you hear them hit the floor! At least then you can recover them! You might want to just buy some spare valve cover cap nuts, washers and seals. The dropped and lost fasteners will eventually find their way out… down the road somewhere! A 10mm swivel socket would be good for the difficult rear and lower fasteners.
The rubber boot on one of my coils was stuck to the spark plug and ripped and stayed attached to the plug, so good to have a spare coil. I used needle nose pliers to remove it piece by piece. My old valve cover gasket had deteriorated between the round plug seals inside the valve cover. Pieces had fallen in and were sitting in there. When putting it back together, look down all the plug holes before torqueing the valve cover and make sure the valve cover seals around the plugs have not dislodged and blocked the hole!
The valve cover fasteners consist of a cap nut, a metal washer, and a rubber seal. The seals sometimes want to stay put and sometimes the washers too. On reassembly make sure each position has one and only one rubber seal, one washer before putting the cap nut on. It's easy to think there's a washer there when there is not and you'll find out when torqueing something is wrong. Other than all that chaos, all good! 😉
Again, the 50's kid is great. He's my first stop whenever I need to work on my car. I didn't need to buy that expensive shop manual.

2 Hunnid says:

I have a 2005 bmw e46 325ci with a different type of coil setup, it has two red wires bolted down in between cylinders 3 and 6 I believe? This may sound dumb but I’m having trouble removing them since the whole bolt and wire move as I torque them, how do I get them off so I can take the harness out?

Chad Riddle says:

Jason , I’m doing mine now . Aren’t you supposed to put some rtv where the cracks in the matting surface is ?

Ignacy Michal says:

You wont believe.. I overheared 6lb, and instead torched with 60lb maaaaaan. Two of them are gone hahahaa shit. Greets from Poland

opeboi says:

careful removing the ccv tube, if it is old then it may crack if you move it too much and it is a massive pain in the ass to fix. ask me how i know.

Alfred Navarro says:

Is it worthwhile to invest in an aluminum valve cover?

Cristian Duarte says:

Food. Oil in the spark plugs then went on to this only bc you said I’m halfway there if I change the SP

John Post says:

I have a 2001 320i
I am wondering if the valve cover gasket kit will fit my car when I check the website I see other models but not 320i. which models can I cross refer, that would be close or would match the same as the 320i
The engine is m54

Domestead Autoworks says:

QUESTION, my 325ci uses teardrop shaped coils
3.0 swapping it with a square coil engine
Can I swap the 2.5 valve cover to the 3.0 and just use my teardrop coils and wiring?
What would you do?

Peter says:

Thanks for the video. FYI Torque is 89 inch pounds which is 7.4 ft pounds.

Tony Copelyn says:

First you and your videos are amazing…I have used your videos to rebuild engine…complete manual swap….You may not have moved on to other things….If you are looking for one more challenge….How about swapping out the M56 fuel tank for an M54 set-up….The great solution to the M56 steel gas tank with the sealed fuel pumps….This rings of the "Return of Superman:…

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