Avoid costly damage to your BMW with Zunsport screens – EASY DIY install!

Avoid costly damage to your BMW with Zunsport screens – EASY DIY install!

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Lillith: The F87 M2 Competition build out
Furiosa: The F32 435i build out

BMWs models and especially those with the sport exteriors have a ton of exposed radiators. This means they can easily take rock damage and other debris up into the grills, and its easy to avoid this. The screens from Zunsport do an excellent job in providing more protection to those vital components, avoiding costly damage.

In addition, I LOVE the way they look! I think they smooth out the grill design and add style to the appearance.

I am not sure why you wouldn’t install these screens!

Required parts and tools:
Zunsport BMW F32 4 series front screen set
3mm allen wrench
small philips screwdriver
straight pick tool or punch
painters tape

Nice to have:
Good lighting
Great music – Larkin Poe is just amazing, check them out!

Thanks for watching and please try everything at your own risk. All work shown in best faith and effort, do this at your own risk.

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Show Me What I Need To Know says:

My lower auxiliary radiator went out on the freeway thanks to a rock and BMW's lack of foresight. On the F30 there's NOTHING protecting the lower radiator — you could nearly drive a golf-ball thru the gap, on the standard bumper. It's really, really, sad — no thought put into it at all. So, after the fix, I went to Home Depot and bought some black powder coated screen, took the front bumper off, and put the screen well behind the bumper. I did this for the upper grille too, since the gaps in the kidney grilles aren't going to stop much either (but at least they are higher off the ground). Anyway, now I can drive with a peace of mind. These "external" grilles look like a decent compromise for those who don't want to take their front bumper off.

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