A New ULTIMATE Mod For Your BMW!

A New ULTIMATE Mod For Your BMW!

In this video I will show you how to add a digital gauge cluster to your older BMW! I install a digital gauge cluster on my E90 BMW. This will fit various models like the E82, E60, E70 etc. This adds the look of a modern G series BMW to your E series car. They look just like the G20 or G80 M3.

This video is a DIY on how to install the hardware along with a review of it. You see me going through the menus and the various themes of the cluster.

Very exciting stuff if you want to modernize your BMW.

You can purchase it here (not an affiliate link):


If you are interested in making an offer on this E90 you can do via email at:


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N54 Xdrive says:

Will jb4 steering controls work with this digital cluster?

Ray Liang says:

I know you briefly mentioned in the video that if you return to your original cluster, it would just automatically download the new mileage back into the old cluster. Can we verify how true this is? (or will it just show the mileage from when you first removed the old cluster?) Also will there be a tamper dot when returning back to old cluster? I'm just worried how doing this mod and reverting back to stock will affect the car. Thanks

Speed Donors says:

Love this build, from the F10 steering wheel to this G20 cluster!

Campos Jesus says:

This is superior to the ID4motion unit. And way cheaper/better looking. You dont need to permanently cut in the housing either 100% plug and play. Will Definitely buy.

Frank Silva says:

Did you have to cut the AC vent that is behind the cluster?

Wil Alvarez says:

Link isn’t working

Aaron Duncan says:

Cool product but the skin designs leave a lot to be desired.

carvelera says:

nice review…love to hear most…that the price far lower than the one first available in market…

Hmmm says:

Link doesn’t work for me

jhordan2631 says:

And show navigation

jhordan2631 says:

Look good it would be nice if included the clasic skin and allowed for more info like boots and afrs

Alex Kala says:

Great tutorial.
I would like to know your opinion about engine oil "priming procedure" that BMW mentions to possibly reduce the extra wear on internals (rod bearings)…does it trully add any benefit? Maybe a new video?

Emo_CarteL says:

Link not working boss

James Johnny says:

Link doesn’t work

Bogdan Arsene says:

Will it show the gear you're in on a manual car?

Elmantukas says:

Nice to see competition for the id4motion cluster, hopefully more comes out so the price is reduced.

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