A Major BMW E90 Issue No One is Talking About, And How To Fix it For Cheap (335i, 328i, 335D, M3)

A Major BMW E90 Issue No One is Talking About, And How To Fix it For Cheap (335i, 328i, 335D, M3)

I figured I’d make a video talking about an issue BMW E90 owners may encounter sooner or later. While this mainly applies to LCI E90s, it can also benefit those that have pre-lci versions as well. Luckily there is a cheap solution that BMW offers that can solve it.

E90 Repair kit outer tail lights: https://bit.ly/3Q8UsBj

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Here’s Why My Turbo Mysteriously Blew Up – E90 335i (N54)

E90 Mods:

DR700 Single Turbo Kit – https://bit.ly/3BBc1FK
335i VRSF Race/Street Exhaust – https://bit.ly/3qVNceQ
135i/335i VRSF 7.5” FMIC – https://bit.ly/2YtRxK4
E9X 335i AST 5100 Coilovers here: https://bit.ly/2UN25pd
Fuel-It Stage 4 Fuel Upgrade – https://bit.ly/3uLwa63
DKM Stage 3 Clutch: https://bit.ly/3IjKMRn (LCI)
DKM Stage 3 Clutch: https://bit.ly/3yPbyOn (Pre-LCI)
VRSF Charge Pipe (N54/N55): http://bit.ly/3o86dsV
TiAL BOV: http://bit.ly/3qMYrGo
Big Brake Kit: https://bit.ly/3uJD4IC
Big Brake Kit Brackets: https://bit.ly/3vZhGPI
135i/335i CSF Radiator (Manual) – https://bit.ly/3aGLFnI
135i/335i CSF Radiator (Auto) – https://bit.ly/3r0WUxK
Doc Race DR700 Kit: https://bit.ly/3zY19Pl
135i/335i CSF Radiator (Manual) – https://bit.ly/3aGLFnI
135i/335i CSF Radiator (Auto) – https://bit.ly/3r0WUxK
M Performance Grilles: https://bit.ly/3uyHHWt

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GetWork says:

I seen this problem before few times and never thought that is common issue

Wesam Jaber says:

Can you please make 6 series content, like a 650i ? Those cars are amazing

M4kind says:

I just fixed them myself (failed turn signal led’s) for A couple pennys for led’s itself.So far 3 yrs no problems

Vladislav Makarenko says:

Looks awesome now, good on ya!

Paul Lochrie says:

the old ones are black line (tinted from factory slighted)

lens fade but don’t darken, new ones are normal led lci ones.

Dren Rexhepi says:

hey bro i have the same car like yours but just with the old light.I wonder if you can give me the light you take of of your car because they are very expensive in my country and i can't buy it.love your videos bro <3

Mitch Farmer says:

Thanks man!! Great video,.. I’ll definitely be ordering these,.

Tony Dimarco says:

Very informative !

deol1 says:

yep they do start to darken and fade and melt a little hopeful are better quality then the factory one

TheJungatron says:

I had to do that crap back in 2015 for my 2010 e90. I was sooo mad but the repair kit made is sooooo much cheaper then they said at BMW Orlando.

Dan G says:

Love these types of vids, tips and tutorials

Adam Ballantyne says:

Taillights, bumpers, I'll watch anything you put out man. Just fun to see.

Ik Har says:

[ˌbeːʔɛmˈveː] there are many clips how to pronunce brands right

Bryan B says:

Does this apply to the LCI e92 or e93?

BlazingAura 1 says:

This video came just in time, my e90’s tail light have started to fail. Thank you Christian !

Fox. says:

I feel Rick rolled or whatever. Lol

Antonio Williams says:

My E92 pre lci have failed to so ive had to upgrade to the LCI taillights

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