$500 BMW E46 Back On The Road! After 4 Years Broken n Sitting

$500 BMW E46 Back On The Road! After 4 Years Broken n Sitting

Part 4 on this 330i, real happy with the results so far. Hope you enjoy! Comment what you’d like to see next



hamma toure says:

Don't put chinese aftermarket parts on BMW they won't last you waste your time and money

ButteredToast says:

Yeeeee good shit dude

Automotive Pixel says:

Amazing video.

Tyler Turner says:

Great video! I’m a little biased, but the e46 is my favorite platform

KingCube _ says:

I want that 330i it’s my dream spec

said terra says:

Fantastic job, as Always!!!!
Great content

Edgar says:

Great video, have fun driving it around, you totally deserve it! Also good that you admit mistakes made – it happens to all of us, but not everybody talks that easy about it.

Snoarlax Fx says:

amazing content, you're making me more and more confident to start working on my e34. Keep it up!

Wheelie Schulz says:

In Germany you would now get 7000$ easy for it

Paavo Toos says:

Love E46! I have 2004 E46 coupe 330, good job! Happy new year from Estonia!

Alex Garcia says:

Love the video! I have a question tho, what’s that tool called you used to check for leaking on the coolant? Thank you!

Poopmaster says:

Man, I got a 2003 320i E46 sitting broken for a over year now. How I wish you would work on it but I'm in Malaysia, unfortunately. I really miss driving my baby. You really know your stuff and I enjoy watching what you do. Keep it coming bruh.

Denis Kanos says:

Man where do you find these deals on cars? I would love to find a car like that for even $1000!

Chub_boi says:

Could you do a cost breakdown and what you should spend more money on when doing repairs and such?

1504zak says:

mate, i bought a vanos and Disa rebuild kit from a UL company called X8R. this kit is superb and no requirement to shave of material lol!

Joel Cano says:

Good job mate! Enjoy your car

hater says:

Mine has camshaft position sensor issue. I ve got new sensor but it didnt solve the problem

Thiago Loureiro says:

good job dude!

Chad Riddle says:

Love the 3 series- series .. lol but no joke it’s great content . I also gravitate to bmws only for some reason and like doing just what you are doing with this one . I drive one daily and enjoy it . I’d like to experience a 330 or zhp maybe one day and m3 when I’m rich lol . Appreciate the bmw content

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