07 BMW E92 335i Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement DIY

07 BMW E92 335i Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement DIY

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In this video I go over the installation of a new wheel bearing on my e92.

To reinstall the axle splines in the hub you will need an axle puller because it’s such a snug fit.



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XP101 says:

I fear I have to do this for both of my 2009 335d……hopefully its only one.

Tyler Padgett says:

This was good until you skipped the part of pressing the hub back in? What did you use to do that?

Adrian Lorenzano says:

Would this be a similar process for a 2011 bmw335i?

BassFraud says:

Is it possible to remove without removing the rear axle bolts?? I can’t get those little ETorx out even with an impact wrench. I’m stuck right now

Emrah Beslija says:

Hardest job I’ve done on my car

Jake Potter says:

How did you pull the cv back through the hub? I am STRUGGLING. Lube and brute force has got me so far but no close enough to get the nut on

Boris Diamond says:

Great video, what size separator tool did you use? I need to get something like this!

Ryan Davidson says:

Oh hell naw I'm just going to replace the complete whole hub.

G Dawwg says:

Excellent!! Other than wiggling the rotor later, how did u know your rear wheel bearing needed replacement? My 2010 e93 wants to veer out of the lane at speed with ANY groove or abnormalities in the freeway

Genesislights says:

How many miles and did u do both sides?

vp5 says:

Excellent video

Scotty H says:

Wow, what a pain compared to the front wheel bearings! Thanks for the video. DIY's like this help keep these N54 powered beasts on the road!

mrmax1984 says:

Is the force of installing the axle nut enough to pull the hub into the bearing, or did you have to use some other means? I assume it's a very tight friction fit.

George Stangaciu says:

Lovely as usual

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