Transmission Problems on Volkswagen and Audi: How to Fix Yourself – Fast and Easy!

Transmission Problems on Volkswagen and Audi: How to Fix Yourself – Fast and Easy!

Here’s a brief video describing the process on how to fix throttle, transmission, and engine hesitation on VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat vehicles built starting in the late 1990s equipped with an electronic drive-by-wire throttle. I hope this video helps resolve potential transmission issues in your vehicle, but be advised that this is not a substitute for having a professional technician resolve major internal mechanical issues in your engine or transmission if the vehicle continues to have issues after performing this procedure. Please place any questions or comments related to the video in the section below. I hope you enjoy the video!



Jochen P says:

"This will not flood the engine" LOL
This procedure does absolutely nothing btw, you are just repeating nonsense and creating more noise on YT.

vytautas kryzius says:

Do you have to do this like every week or so ? Or it's permanent , and car re-learns your driving style ?

Hezborn says:

Thank you…works on audi A5

slavhemo says:

Tried this on a 7speed dsg 2019 tiguan 2.0 184hp . It made a very noticeable difference. I feel the gearbox is more alive now an it is less jerky on low speeds. Thank you man

Ram Reza says:

I just did my a6 2018 it’s work thanks ❤❤❤

Tony's Tech & Car's says:

Its not flooding the engine because its not a carburetor lol

David Coker says:

Just did this on my 2014 A7; lower gears would feel almost CVT-like where the transmission was struggling to find the right gear, but now it shifts so much smoother and more consistently. It feels like a new car, thank you!

Getadifit ! says:

Would this work on 2014 VW Touareg?

Hassan Dawood says:

I think this worked for, it definitely feels different initially, stiffer pedal and handling on Auto, need to let it learn a bit both hopefully this fixes slipping in low gears. Thank you so much!

laguilayan isulan says:

tried it in my golf sportwagen…it worked! thanks

5150B9 says:

Question, would this remove my stage 2 ecu tune if I do this? I mean I can flash it right back but still I just want to know if this will affect the tune or not before I do it because I am getting hard shifting from first to second and sometimes if i take off hard in first, when i shift to second it will and then immediately go back down to first so now ive been babying it lol.

Shonist says:

worked a charm on a A3 2012 8p 5door sportback 1.4t stronic 7speed

awakenosiris says:

I have a 2013 rs5, medtronic failed twice. Service is telling me I need a new transmission. The car only has 67,000m

James Bond says:

Will this affect any transmission tunning?

OneDay says:

Just did this to my a3 2014
The jerking is gone.

name last name says:

will this mess up a tuned audi?

Saqib Hussain says:

Does this work on audi a3 s tronic??

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