Replacing an Audi S4 Clutch!

Replacing an Audi S4 Clutch!

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@jeremyocampo1529 says:

As a Audi S4B8 owner PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE TRASH IF A VEHICLE. THEYRE ABSOLUTELY DOG CRAP WITH RELIABILITY THEY BREAK DOWN SO MUCH AND THEYRE A PAIN TO WORK ON. I wanna take mine to the junk yard because it’s a piece of crap of a vehicle. Yea they look nice but that’s the only good part about it everything else are crap.

@theonlyonegrimey says:

I didnt remove half that but awesome video

@AlbertButler-vl3ci says:

My car Audi A4 Quattro fwd 1.8 turbo does not want to engage any manual transmission. Can you help me to wax 2001?

@joel.3112 says:

Just like a Subaru

@burt1758 says:

Cost as much as the car.

@aj_shooter4097 says:

That single mass will kill the gearbox

@1.9tdilove71 says:

2006 skoda Octavia 1.9 tdi diesel alh 5 speed manual with little morning rattle just for few minutes.
Can we convert it into SMF ? Is it safe for gearbox in long run and durable ?

@larrybrooks2885 says:

It's cheaper to maintain a rocket ship!

@isolationmillions5227 says:

Thought this was logic for a sec

@9595luke says:

This guy it way better than the one with the beard I have to say it sorry

@idahoshoter says:

More power more broken part but a happier life

@JamEZ87 says:

Imagine getting an oil change which probably requires to take the engine out…

@gorporpio says:

Nice, simple set up

@gmcg8775 says:

Good god…how many book hours is that job?!

@HelloThereUniverse says:

Sooo… Endless money pit it is then! Gotcha.

@livelongandprosper70 says:

That Ricky Berwick??

@donniev8181 says:

Engineers be engineering!

@bobbowie5334 says:

And eight more hours to replace the pilot bushing.

@mr.trueno6022 says:

I'm laughin while reading all these comments. Because in germany, you have to deal with this type of engineering every single day! Most of the cars on the road are pretty new and even the Dacia cars are quite complicated now. Sooooo, my guess is, american mechanics don't get such a thorough apprenticeship as a mechanic here in germany or maintaing that stuff is just way more expensive in the US. Well, nevertheless, great work Mister!

@Verdandi_P says:

Buy an Audi to speed run your way to financial ruin

@myhoyoki says:

That's what i call German engineering

@MJKDESIGNer says:

Will engine breaking burn the clutch?

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