NEW Carbon Fiber Ambient Light Kit | How to install on 2008-2016 Audi A4/S4 (B8 and B8.5)

NEW Carbon Fiber Ambient Light Kit | How to install on 2008-2016 Audi A4/S4 (B8 and B8.5)

In this video, I install a new Carbon fiber trim/ambient led light kit on my 2015 Audi A4 B8.5 S-Line.
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Mercedes 2015+ W205 C-Class Ambient Light Kit Install

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The Flexx Garage says:

NOTE ON THE DOOR POCKET LIGHT: it’s recommended to drill a hole in an area so when the light is installed, the light is located on the bottom side of the door’s armrest. This will give a cleaner install than my installation location in the video.

THANKS FOR WATCHING! Go check out my next video where I make the turbo sound so good!

James Karimi says:

If only they made one with the S logo

Ivan Narvaez says:

I have a dude if it is driven with the steering wheel I can use the old function that it had from the factory or it is replaced to change the lights

Bartek K says:

have you any pdf instructiuon ?

Issa Assad says:

Is there one for 2008 audi a4 2.0 quat

Zachary Thomas Kucerak says:

I’m having issues with the main control hub, using the switch pattern shown in the video (and any random switch pattern) my lights do not consistently come on after turning the car on and off. I have to unplug the hub and mess around with the switch configuration to get them back on, but then after a few off and ons they stay off. Any tips would be appreciated

Ionut Talianu says:

My product doesn't start and i don't know why. What can I do?

branko skvaric says:

Where did u buy dash trim s-line for b8.5?

Ry & Tay says:

Where did you get that carbon fiber trim piece from not the light up one the regular one I’ve been trying to find one but I can’t

X@G says:

will this kit work on a B7 A4?

X@G says:

need a hook up on the steering wheel

Christian Lindow says:

Hello where can i buy this kit
For audi a4 b8 avant ???

Xavier Oliveira says:

I would really like to install this ambient light on my 2013 Audi A5 B8. However, I have a question… I've watched your entire installation video, but it seems that you turn on (at 3:40 minute) the system in the same place where I already have my Android Multimedia System installed… how do I make if both use the same location? Thanks

Ely y says:

If im not wrong… the stock wiring will remain there unused? Why not changing only the lights and plug them directly on the stock wiring thats already installed? Won't work?

Tuan Nguyen says:

Where did you run the fuse to?

Nathan Markcuz Kumar says:

Anything for a b8.5 s5 coupe ? I can’t find anything anywhere

Li dileni says:

Coole Video!!

Mateusz Nyks says:

This also suitable for a5 8t lift apart from front panel?

rollerwrld says:

Do you know where I can get something like this installed?

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