How VWR Springs Elevate your Audi S3/ MK8R

How VWR Springs Elevate your Audi S3/ MK8R

IG: jewels.mk7

VWR (racing line) lowering springs review for the 2022+ 8Y Audi S3 / MK8 Golf R

ETHANOL Tester:​
Drop in Filter:
Engine Oil: (5qrt) (1qrt):
OBDEleven Scanner:
GoPro Kit:

Maxton Rear Spoiler Lip:

Glass Cleaner:
Foam Cannon:
Adams Graphene Detail Spray:
Exhaust Polisher Chrome:
Adams Car Shampoo:
Adams Wheel/Tire Cleaner:
Wash Bucket w/ Grit Guard & Lid:

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@francoleon91 says:

Wait really? The hood NEEDS to be opened for the calibration to work? Where did you read that?

@RDriver2.0 says:

Personally not a fan of the rims bro but the stance is great. Actually prefer the last gen Audi S3 TBH but clearly the newer technology on the 2024 is worth it. I think we all miss that lethal rocket blaster you had but it's all good bruh…

@bryanbridges6152 says:

So no more GTI?

@sameftek9799 says:

Speed bump roads. Nice ride

@pilot876 says:

@4:00 basically coilover feeling it sounds like to me lol. i got bc coils on my mk8 and i swear it feels like i will need a new axile when i hit certtain good size pothole i cant avoid them all!!! wish i could.

@JewelCity1 says:

Modding journey for the 8Y S3 has begun

@TheFhpapa says:

did you perform an alignemnt on the car after? If so, how off is the campber? Im worried about tire wear. lol

@LegerAndCo says:

what's your take on the H&R springs ? it's what I run on Bilstein b8's on my mk7.5 gti. the oem suspension is dog water on gti's i find (the non ddc) ones.

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