How To Remove And Install A Carbon Steering Wheel | Audi RS7 (Simple DIY)

How To Remove And Install A Carbon Steering Wheel | Audi RS7 (Simple DIY)

Today we swap out the old boring steering wheel in my Audi RS7 for a flat bottom carbon steering wheel that we got from Carbontastic. This video is a how to – DIY video of the process. Trust me.. if I can do this install anyone can!

Thanks to Carbontastic for the awesome wheel! Check them out here:

Tools used in this video:

Triple square set:

Pick tools:

Mini screwdriver set:

Torque bit set:

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Nick Lewis says:

Hey Mike this is great.. Your getting stuck in….Have a go Mike hour… Well done Mike, you need to do more like this… God Bless u brother….

Christian Onuoha says:

Hey Mike! Congratulations!!

Finally able to pull off a DIY. Proud of you Man. Meanwhile that steering wheel is super cool….

Kevin Van Lohuizen says:

Time for new gauge cluster

bubby372 says:

They will buff right out. 🙂

TIAN W says:

Just changed my steering wheel and had same issue, the Airbag light pops out, wondering if anyone know how to fix this??

PJ Rodriguez says:

Bro, not white shoes?

The Factor says:

Also I forgot to mention you can get some plastic polish that’s made to take off “or improve” the look without clouding up the plastic. Depending how deep you could probably at the least make it so you can’t hardly see it unless your looking for it at the right angle . I believe the stuff I have is made by Mcguiarers

Steven Pleszewski says:

Painful to watch this.

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