How to Install Roof Rails on An Audi | Genuine Audi parts

How to Install Roof Rails on An Audi | Genuine Audi parts

Putting a Roof Rack on an Audi A3 (2015).
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Adventures by A Himitsu
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Ahmad AlAjeel says:

can you open the sunroof with the roof rack on? will it go under the rack?

skerlieb says:

Why do we not see any cross bars until halfway through the video? The narrative is completely unnecessary.

slimstylro says:

Bruh when you said Amazon my Alexa went off

Nicholas H says:

Most cars and racks for them are not designed to carry the weight of a tent and people. A3 is like 165lbs max.

William Maybury says:

9 months later, did you get a roof top tent? I have a roof top tent, I currently have it on a vw touareg but I want to put it on my audi a5, its a sports back with a sun roof. I was wondering if the roof would take the weight and what a tent would look like on it. If you bought a tent, do you have any pictures of it on the car?

Shant K says:

How do you know if it’s same size or is adjustable?

SmokiiiBear says:

At 3:31, Is That Hole Supposed To Be Filled In By A Piece On The Clip?

Ralph Mag says:

Which rack is this?

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