How to install an engine in a 2000 thru 2002 Audi S4

How to install an engine in a 2000 thru 2002 Audi S4

Well after many people have asked…..its here, I have created a DIY video on the installation of a B5 Audi S4 2.7T engine. There are a few parts that I did not cover which is explained in this video. There are some shots that I would have liked to have re-done, but its hard to do in post. I know there are many different ways to install a motor; this is ONE way to do it.

Happy Wrenching.



Ryan MacEwen says:

Cool video! Thanks for all the detail. Looking to pull out a 3.2 out of a C6 A6 (2005). This was helpful. I don't feel so bad about pulling out the fascia now. lol

Nolansmokes says:

seriously though, what would we do without you?

Patrick Z says:

Great video, just wanna say you have an epic setup and a beautiful B5! I dream of having a similar setup one day for my B5. Thank you for producing B5 content!

Mike says:

Don't forget to clean your nuts 😉 haha.
I'm gonna pull my motor very soon these vids are gonna help alot!

Therion Vovin says:

What brand are your adjustable upper control arms?

Bill BillbB7 says:

Incredibly helpful videos to reference, thanks for doing these. Did my best tried to watch as many ads as possible

CoupeAudi1990 says:

beautiful car you have, i have 1998 imola gleb avant <3

Timster Khim says:

Justin good to see you back the love you have for the b5 s4 amazed me and give me confident to working on my own car i thanks for sharing your wisdom on our most beloved B5 S4 I wish you good health & wealth for many year, keep those great video coming no matter big or small the job is we still appreciate that you took the time to make them stay safe my friend

Ronald Jordan says:

Hey love the videos, I own a 2004 a6 3.0 v6 and would glad if you can assist me finding a diagram for the vacuum lines as its been quite difficult to find. Cheers

Sælger ægte AF med vacuum says:

22:45 clean your nuts 🙂 Justin we need more new videos 😀

Henning Penning says:

Thank you so much Justin! Hope you are fine. Stay healthy! Greetings from germany

Alexis Orellano says:

Justin I need help in regards to crossfit front end to my b6 s4 4.2l ..from what make and model will fit directly bolt on ? I need Radiator suport and bumper..2005 btw

Chris Mullen says:

Beautiful imola bro! Love your videos, keep 'em coming!!

tliska10 adventures says:

Justin I'm in socal, I would love to have my b5 s4 worked on by you,how do I contact you?

fasttoyo says:

Hey buddy, miss your old Accord hatch.

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