How To Fix a Sagging/Hard to close Car Door (explained on Audi, VW)

How To Fix a Sagging/Hard to close Car Door (explained on Audi, VW)

How To Fix a Sagging/Hard to close Car Door

Over time a car door can start to sag which will result in: “a harder to close car door experience”. But don’t worry, since you can fix this !
In this video you will see ALL the possible methods how to fix/adjust your car door. I will demonstrate all the fixes on a specific hinge type which is very popular in cars from VW group (Audi, VW, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley, Seat, Škoda) but some of these methods can be applied to all the other cars too !

0:00 – The problem
1:43 – Fix 1. (not good fix)
2:28 – Fix 2. (can be good)
3:44 – Fix 3. (good but complicated)
6:01 – Fix 4. (fast, easy, effective)


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Rafael Tavares says:

I love the sound effects lol, good vid

P Joshi says:

Very comphensive but start with simplest fix first., clear commentary. Great!

cultus gti says:

It's hard to make good videos. Thanks for taking the time to make this one.

Kommie Watch says:

"'rEMOVE DASH"?? It took me 17 hours to replace a heater core on a 2000 GMC Jimmy/Envoy.

Dave LaBute says:

Who is fighting with Rona, in the background?

siminic matei says:

Awesome!!! Really good , nice and funny video

rock sand my beta says:

You should take medication for your cough, thanks for the video funny but very comprehensive

Ahsan Jaleel says:

Nicely Explained.

francesco la diana says:

Grazie, sono dei consigli utili.

Kyle T says:

You sure its t45 torx? VAG likes to use triple square for those bolts

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