Brake Fluid Flush DIY (Service) for VW and Audi

Brake Fluid Flush DIY (Service) for VW and Audi

We show you how to perform a brake fluid flush using RBF600 brake fluid on a VW with The Humble Mechanic. This video can be useful if you need to perform a brake fluid flush or want to swap to high performance brake fluid for track days.

Motul RBF 600 Fluid

Genuine VW/Audi Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid Flush/Bleeder Tool

RBF600 Fluid and Bleeder Tool Flush Kit

This was shot at our location
18525 Statesville Rd
Unit D4
Cornelius NC 28031

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Carlitos V says:

Do you need to keep the pedal brake pressed while is doing this procedure and then depressed it at the end of the flush?

Dx. Suess says:

you don't need the fancy pants bleeder

AlienCatcher23 says:

Is there a clutch bleed screw on the Mk6 Jetta ea888 1.8 TSI?

ARK rain FLOOD says:

note, the remaining fluid in the supply container will either have to be used in a day or two, or disposed of. likewise, once a bottle of brake fluid is opened, it has a short shelf life.

bubba.watercraft J says:

Do you need to purge the air out of the hose from the bleeder pump tool to the master cylinder before starting the flush or bleeding procedure?

First Name Last Name says:

I need answer please. I can just bleed out the fluid without putting pressure inside the Reservoir right? Like how Chrisfix did. Can I just press on the brake pedal to give pressure and pump out the fluid?

George Hoffman says:

Can you reverse bleed a 2013 Tiguan?

knightridder2002 says:

would a 2017 golf R use the same amount of brake fluid as the car in the video? i would be replacing the brake lines with steel breaded lines front and back with new pads

Martin A says:

nice to do your own work where you can but here in the UK it only costs around £35 to get the job done by a garage with the correct equipment and fluids instead of struggling to jack up each wheel taking off tyres all the while risking danger and/or making a bad job of it.

So in that case with my meter showing 3% water content after 4/5 years since the last change I will skip these procedures to get the job done by a mechanic doing the same thing day in day out

Wackey says:

What the sequence to bleed mk6 glof

Air Legal & Promotion says:

Didn't Charles check his mic before starting! lol.

Air Legal & Promotion says:

Given the cost of the fluid wouldn't it have been better to have removed some excess fluid from the reservoir first rather than mixing old and new fluid prior to removal of old fluid from all the lines. Also I noticed that advice about which cylinder to relieve first was not followed. I'm mystified by both those omissions. They are important matters to cover for those who are coming here for what is usually top advice.

Michael Dittmer says:

When you say running clean, do you mean no bubbles? Or dirt/darker coloration in the fluid?

Ilir Curma says:

What happens to the air that is trapped in the line from the pump to the fluid deposit? Don’t you have to get that air somehow?

Wolfsburg GTI says:

You mentioned you need to operate at higher pressure if you’re replacing the lines. What pressure should I use? 2 BAR?

auxmike says:

Charles is THE BEST!!!

Auckland357 says:

Doesn’t the air in the line go into the brake lines when you open the valve

tanmy2 says:

Can I use any quality dot 4 brake fluid or must I only use Volkswagen brake fluid?

Tim Smith says:

Don't even need any special tools just a Turkey baster and 2nd person

Cemil Denizel says:

How bottles / liters of fluid do I need for my Audi A5 8T (b8) for changing the all dot4 fluid?

Bullet Tooth Tony says:

hey guys, thank you! could you please help me? i have vw cc, manual 6spd. i down shift a lot and rarely use brakes. my abs fuse got blown recently while hard braking in the rain. i replaced it and and all was good. I've ested it, abs worked fine. until today, while i was hard breaking again, same thing, blown fuse. My theory is abs module gets stuck(?) somehow due to rare use. Anyway, what would be the best way to try to fix it? Maybe take off abs module and clean it somehow? Please help.

John_Dee14 says:

Liked the time lapse which helped show color difference right away.

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