Audi TT Fuel Pump Upgrade (Removal and Install)

Audi TT Fuel Pump Upgrade (Removal and Install)

Having lots of problems with this audi and trying to fix all the things that are wrong so it will run right. The fuel pump is a know problem for causing the hard starts on the first start up. There is a return valve that loses pressure overnight causing it to have air in the lines. This with the fuel pump not running at full capacity and the return valve im hoping that it will fix the problem.
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Paul Woolley says:

Great video saved me loads of time, but since fitting my gauge is showing incorrect levels any idea whats the issue?

TechNutz says:

Is that an oem replacement?

elbaldo84 says:

Thanks for this video! Bye bye from Italy.

__ says:

Hi there! Great explanation video will try to do it myself! just one question, is it normal that the head of the unit is disconnected from the spring? It shouldn't be attached from factory or its like they are? Thks!

raihan miah says:

Will this be the same basket as the b7 a4 2.otfsi

Dark KnightR1 says:

dude, i have a problem with gasgauge, if it full the gauge said it's empty and if is empty said it's full, using a vagcom, i saw the ohm's that mark, more ohm's more gasoline, less ohm's less gasoline, then thats the problem is indicating in reverse, do you know how to configure that on the instruments panel with vagcom? or if is necesary to disasemble the fuellpump and do something with the resistor of the pump? Please help me. ( Nice tutorial dude!!!)

Mike Lema says:

Nice video man: bracket for the pickup tube… it just clips onto the fuel pump housing, right? Or does it also mount somewhere on fuel tank in addition to fuel pump housing? Will be doing this in a few days when my pump comes in

Alec Lively says:

How did it start after sitting? Better?

Jesse Lyon says:

Omg, this looks like a real pita. What year TT is this for? I’m about to do this on my 2002 and seems way easier access, under the rear seat

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