Audi TT 2 5/8" Boost Gauge Install In Vent How To!

Audi TT 2 5/8" Boost Gauge Install In Vent How To!

This is a quick how-to video on how you install a 2 5/8 Attometer boost gauge into one of your factory vents in a MK1 Audi TT. The install was fairly easy, just a little time consuming. With the 2 5/8 gauge, you do NOT need to spend any money on any special adapters, it fits right in, with no gaps, and looks great! Looks like it would have come from the factory. Hopefully this video helps someone out! Like and subscribe!



lkz6696 says:

Thanks I just used your video to do mine. I never would have found that little hole into the engine bay on my own!

James P says:

PLEASE take the red bulb cover off! That gauge will be transformed at night!

R says:

Plugging boost gauge to the FPR is not recommended. Why not DV? The DV to inlet manifold line or boost hose from the boost pipe after turbo to N75 valve.

Kane theriot says:

Lol. Said "listen to country" then showed Alan Jackson lmaooooo!!!

Harrison Woodman says:

What size in mm boost guage u get

Michael Alfonso says:

What size extension wire did you get ? Gonna buy this just curious what wire gauge you used

wranglercjseven69 says:

hey i noticed your radio can you tell me exactly what you got im looking for 1 with screen tha will fit my 2002 tt thanks

Liam Evans says:

What size is the boost gauge ?

Robert .F says:

U are a beast

jose perez says:

hi how you put the boost gauge together to air vents

Ismael Arevalo Sanchez says:

como vaciaste el aireador

buddybk says:

i got the same radio n it broke within the first year of having stopped flipping open

zrat3030 says:

What radio did you install? Trying to find a Double did screen to fit

Tray Muse says:

your 225 is super clean. more videos of this!

Lucas Nogueira says:

the one i bought didn't come with any hoses for some fucking reason, whats that plastic piece on the T fitting, do you think id be able to buy it anywhere els besides from them?

Lucas Nogueira says:

whats the model gauge you got?

Leon Serrano says:

thanks for the video…i did my boost gauge install

Shayan P says:

Whats your stereo model?

Bjorn de Groot says:

Is this a vacuüm meter or boost pressure meter?

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