Audi Q5 Remote Start Fortin EVO-AudT1 Install DIY

Audi Q5 Remote Start Fortin EVO-AudT1 Install DIY

If you have any questions at all, leave it in the comments and I’ll do whatever I can to help.
Fortin EVO-AUDT1 Remote Start Install on B8 and B8.5 Audi Q5.
I chose this option for my wife’s Q5, because it utilizes the factory key fob, and you do not lose one of your keys to leave in the vehicle.

Remote Starter Kit –
Flashlink Programmer –

Interior Trim Removal Tool –
Solder Station –
Solder –
Adhesive Heat Shrink –
Automatic Wire Stripper –
Manual Wire Stripper –
Battery LED Work Light –
Milwaukee M12 Driver –

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Darren Soames says:

Great video and thanks for the update. I have all of this equipment including the flashlink. Just a couple of things… what year is your vehicle and how did you overcome the immobiliser?

Jhon Quintero says:

Did you have any trouble programming the key? I bought the same system for a 2014 a4 and can't seem to get the key to program. Im waiting for tech support.

brk brk says:

This will work good on Audi older then 2015, but if you Audi is 2015 this won’t work and is way more complicated and also u will have to have an extra key that will stay in your car. Still good video hands up for this guy, but again don’t try if it’s 2015 and up. Have a good day guys.

brk brk says:

Hello sir I have audi a4 2015, do you think this will work on my car ? thank you!

Matt L says:

Hey Larry, if someone opens the door. Will the car shut off when stepping on the brakes?

Benjamin Tekpeh says:

I just can't do this. How can I get one installed?

Adam Shaaeli says:

does it shut the cat off if you unlock the door?

S4SH1640 says:

Thanks for the video. Did you have to lose a key with this procedure?

Christopher M. Becker says:

Do you have keyless entry? I see that this system requires the user to use the key fob to enter the car after remote starting it. Is this required even when not using remote start or will keyless entry (car unlocks by grabbing the door handle and locks by pressing the button on the handle) work then?

Noodle Nguyen says:

Did you have to do the key decrypting?

POPS says:

Can it be installed without the flashlink equipment ? I have a S5 2014 got the evo all and the T harness and was under the impression that was all I needed to install it ? thanks great video BTW

evans jean says:

I see your from jersey from the inspection sticker I’m from union will you be able to help me with mines I have a 2012 Audi A4

Tav Hol says:

So for the B8/B8.5 only needs these 3 wires if you don't want to watch the video or skip to 15:23
Car – Harness
red/ black – yellow/blue For brake wire
orange / green – grey can high
orange / brown – grey/black can low

Great vid, thanks for clearing my confusion and helping with a wire prepping!

Drtorky says:

Hi Larry. How is the module holding up? I'm planning to buy one for my 2016 Q5. My previous A6 had a pre heater. God I miss that now it's getting colder.

Nice tutorial mate!

Adam Wildenstein says:

Fantastic video, thanks for sharing

Moe B says:

Great video, how did you solder those 3 wires. Did you cut completely through and re solder or strip them back abit and solder ontop? Do all 3 need to be soldered?

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