Audi Q5 2011-2018 Rear Brake Pad Replacement *ELECTRIC PARK BRAKE* Simple DIY Guide

Audi Q5 2011-2018 Rear Brake Pad Replacement *ELECTRIC PARK BRAKE* Simple DIY Guide

In this video i demonstrate how to perform the EPB rear brake pad replacement on all newer style Audi vehicles.
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david juarez says:

Thank you very much. This process also works with Carista

Ben W says:

Surprised you didn't change the rotors too

Tebogo Tebogo says:

But you guys don't explain bolts/nuts sizes on brake pads calipers, so what sizes do we have to use

ObieoneKoala says:

please do some very clear very precise BIG THANKYOU

JustAsimple MAN says:

How much does this cost

Abdul Rezak says:

Do we need obd reader to change front brakes?

Raphael says:

Does the caliper piston need to be rotated while being compressed, or is it compression only? Which compression tool make/model are you using?

eseybold1 says:

very helpful – thank you

Leo Rizzo says:

What computer are you using to Talk to the Car?

Konstantinas Nikonorycevas says:

Thank you very much.!

HiFiiEntertainment says:

What’s the name and of model of scan tool

Issa Fana Fana says:

Good day. I've jc changed my rear brake padz, but they are not working when bleeding them. What else can I do?

Phill M156 says:

Can you bypass the parking brake by simply unplugging it?? It’s a simple 2 wire system , either on or off.


Thank you for sharing, very effective and fast

shaquan shapiff718 says:

i really appreciate the time you took this is very informative

My two cents says:

Very helpful thanks for taking the time.

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