Audi C7 A6 rear coilover install

Audi C7 A6 rear coilover install

A few tricks to make this install easier. Note you’ll want to get it aligned shortly after this because the torque on your rubber bushings will be much higher with the suspension twisted downward. When they align, they’ll loosen and tighten these bolts.



Audi C7 Owners says:

You, sir, are a God damn genius. Using your video I just swapped my passenger side rear spring and installed my h&r spring in less than an hour… And that included the time it took me to cut the compressor bar. I do diy videos for the C7 & I'll be sure to give you a shout out. You just saved me hours of swearing & frustration.

mechsuit80 says:

That line at the end from the peanut gallery, hahaha. Nice video though, very helpful, thanks!

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