Audi Apple CarPlay Install (B8/B8.5)

Audi Apple CarPlay Install (B8/B8.5)

Audi S5 Apple CarPlay install (applies to other B8 or B8.5 models).

Apple CarPlay:

RSnav wiki (to help you install the product and keep up to date with your software):



YouMadeMyClip-_- says:

Will this work with a a4 b4 2015 quattro

don’t troll me bro says:

Am I able to hook up after market amps to the main deck tho lol

Mickaël Fery says:

Hi there. I bought this product for an Audi A4 B8. I can connect my phone to it using Bluetooth and wifi but when I check carplay devises, my phone isn’t there. I can use airplay but not carplay. Any suggestions?

Chris Blackwell says:

Nice. Could you remove your radio unit and just install the CarPlay module?

Znake R says:

awesome video just did mine on 13 RS5 works perfect!!

Aleksis Avotins says:

What if my car does not have the NAV button? How do I activate the system?

Nando says:

hey i have a audi a4 2011 and wanna do the same thing and was wondering is it really worth it?

SantrimBackup says:

I do like the idea of it. I have a 2011 bmw 328xi wagon and I’ve looked into installing apple CarPlay into my idrive. The only reason I decided not to is because I just love the way the oem infotainment system looks. Both on Audi and bmw.

jasonjeet sidhu says:

Am I still able to use this if my car doesnt have built in mmi nav

Himanshu Bhatia says:

I tried installing mine today (2013 B8.5 Audi S4). I have the strangest of issues – my MMI does not show up but carplay works. Upon searching, it’s been the opposite issue for many people (carplay does not showing up). I have all switches to off position FWIW. Tried disconnecting the LVDS cable and installing the audi one back – then MMI shows back up. Any ideas?

The Greenman says:

I have a 2011 Audi A4 with the navigation/ MMI system. However, one day it conked out completely (no display, no back up cam, can't check tire pressure, oil level etc.) so I took it to my local dealer. Their diagnosis say the 5F module needs to be replaced and the total repair bill was around $4800 (I have the print out in my glove box still). To me, nearly $5000 to get the MMI system working again is ludicrous. Will this system (the one in this video) work on my car even if it currently has no display at all for any of the MMI functions? Or does that 5F module have to be replaced and THEN purchase the unit shown in this video. Thank you.

Sudev Rathod says:

Hey, did your car have inbuilt Bluetooth for this to work?

Kyle Noble says:

Can you do this on a 14 a4?

Badr Ahmed says:

Can you install this for me

Jessica Zun says:

Does the backup cam still work?

Lukáš Hanauer says:

Audi a5 2009 mmi2g its posible ?

Cheezeball87 says:

How’s the Audio? Do the speakers pair well?

Prerit Das says:

Will this work on a 2012 B8 S4?

Fait says:

How long does shipping take?

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