Why Do Hondas Dent So Easily? | RSX Gets Paintless Dent Repair!

Why Do Hondas Dent So Easily? | RSX Gets Paintless Dent Repair!

Every Honda I’ve owned has NEEDED Paintless Dent Repair! PDR is a magical thing that many STILL don’t know about. The question is…Is it worth it to YOU?! In today’s video, my new-to-me Acura RSX gets ALL the dent and door dings removed! Back to its factory state!

Black cars and dents DON’T mix. After purchasing my Acura RSX, I knew that Paintless Dent Repair was one of the first things I wanted to spend my money on. I would easily consider this to be one of the FIRST things to do to achieve a cleaner car (Honda or Not). PDR is the skill of removal dents and dings from a vehicle without a need for bodyshop or paint work. Utilizing tools, a trained person can massage out a dent from the backside of a panel and blend in the stretched metal to make it disappear to the eye.

If I could learn a new skill, it would be this. Eric is an absolute wizard at removing the impossible. The CRZ for example was a for sure trip to the body shop. To my surprise, he was able to remove SEVERE body damage and re-sculpt a multiple panels back to shape. My RSX wasn’t anywhere near as bad, but still had some bad dents from the last 17 years. From glue pulling to massaging the metal with multiple tools, my RSX is now virtually dent free. Now let’s keep it that way!

Huge shoutout to Eric for coming over after hours to knock out this project! If you’re local, he’s the best in town.

Find a Carmedic PDR Tech Near you: https://www.carmedic.biz/

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El_Panalo says:

Please use Honda Mugen MF10 wheels ❤

Goodballa says:

All K Anthony!

wonderer1983 says:

I love watching a good PDR tech do their thing. Love yuur content ADA!

OhYeahAboutThat says:

This is exactly the same path I've taken with my new CRX Si project. PDR and chasing expensive parts!

Deano Ubajio says:

Epic!!! I’ll tag you on my Honda .. as soon as it comes out of body shop Anthony… (we met in the UK)

Russell W says:

I need to get mine repainted and a few small dings removed, are you gonna get yours just repainted? I asked a shop about repainting it the same color and they said like 6k

Drop Topp says:

Lol ohh your in for a treat for rsx dents, when i bought mine it had 2 and after 2 yrs i had 5 dents. Super annoying especially on black rsx cuz its super noticeable in the sun

Aaden says:

Do you know what you’re gonna do about the trim by the side mirrors, windshield, and grille? My 2004 has faded so badly.

Damon says:

I'm gonna have to get ahold of this guy when ever I get my Chevrolet running again

Prem Ghosh says:

I've got a really dented up rax that I started to do pdr during the lockdown. Im glad to see this vid of yours. I never finished up on mine because it requires some more body work and needs paint. 15 years of heavy driving and being parked under a tree.

Snafu says:

Remember when you painted your lip on your Civic? Where did you get the paint from? I'm looking to get a new lip for my EM1 Si. My stock one is pretty scratched up. I was thinking of just picking up a Mugen/knock off lip and placing it on there. I thought about a Carbon lip but it'll probably just get scratched to hell anyway. I don't mind the knock off lip because of that. I'll keep my stock Si lip and do what you did, which is sand and bondo it up and repaint it and save for for another day I put it on.

I also have a annoying dent that is only noticeable on my door of my EM1. I hope there is a PDR near me.

Jake D says:

PDR guy has focus ST wheels on his van! How cool!


I love how clean you make these Hondas. You got me appreciating oem plus style builds. So glad you picked up this RSX. Looking forward to this series.

lone says:

Do they do big dents like fingertips to your wrist type of dents on rear fender?

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