The Acura RSX is Better with a WING! | OEM DC5 Spoiler Install

The Acura RSX is Better with a WING! | OEM DC5 Spoiler Install

The Acura DC5 RSX Build is FINALLY at the starting point I hoped for! In today’s video, we install an OEM A-Spec/Type R High Spoiler & eBay Decklid! But of course, no car project would be complete without a surprise or two. So kick back, relax, and watch me put a spoiler on my spoiler on my spoiler. Enjoy!

Installing a spoiler and drilling holes can be tricky, but fortunately Honda made it easy for enthusiasts to figure it out! In my previous video, I explained that I acquired a Genuine A-Spec/Type R spoiler and purchase an eBay A Spec decklid separately. This combo will cover the existing trunk holes and still utilize the Type S Trunk holes. So today, I show you how to get the best fitment for the eBay decklid and how to property install the spoiler on the trunk with OEM hardware/gaskets.

But as usual, there’s always some sort of surprise with car stuff. I find out that the hatch on the car isn’t the original (because I’m a dummy), but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Less holes to cover isn’t a bad thing! Th process for the install is straight forward but time consuming. Follow along with the video and order any parts you need before jumping in. For reference, the final bit I used for drilling was a 1/4 inch bit.

Once the high spoiler cures, I can’t wait to install the Password JDM Carbon Gurney flap on the RSX. This rear end is going to look SO GOOD I promise. We’ve reached a baseline starting point, and the modding can FINALLY begin!

eBay Mini Decklid Spoiler (Find your Color):
Type R Spoiler Replica (NOT OEM):
Helpful Pop Clip Tools:
Password JDM Tecnocraft RSX/Integra Gurney Flap:



Michael Wolford says:

I know you probably don’t care but I was just watching the new obsessed garage video when he went to the SEMA show and I was shook when I heard the classic ALLDAYANTHONY voice! I looked at my phone and sure enough there you were at the tag company booth. I felt like the secret identity of a hero just got revealed or something. lol! Nice to finally know who’s behind the camera.

Veexohh says:

makes me miss my type s. first car but blew on me sadly

PondSix says:

Nice work, I used to own a 2003 type-s and it was awesome to drive. 6-speed and everything, I loved it.

Euro Tom says:

It looks Great Anthony, especially in Black, best of Luck with the Build, Drive safe buddy.

Ryukiado says:

dont forget the roof spoiler too wink wink

Keng Vang says:

Loving the looks man, making me tempting to get spoiler on mine too lol

Moises Romero says:

Looks amazing so far !! An aspec body kit would really tie the look together !!

Mike Spina says:

Anthony, Honda makes a plug you can put to delete the wiper on the backglass, i put one on my integra, its super clean!

Cast says:

I look forward to these vids all week man. Ain't nothing like breaking my back trying to fix up my car then to kick back and watch someone do it right, with a beer of course

Charles Gonzales says:

hohohoho nice! perfect video to follow along with to make it seem less daunting drilling the hatch. You're the goat!!

Kyle Putman says:

le gurney flap. I knews it

Martin Guzman says:

Where did u get the gaskets from?

Kao Moua says:

It is so rare to see a clean rsx now. I'm loving this build. I also want one for myself in the future.

Duster PL says:

it looks awesome man, super clean! i can't wait to see it on some better wheels, with suspension sitting a bit lower, it'll look absolutely fantastic.

glasscannon100 says:

Do you need to upgrade your trunk lid struts because of added weight? USDM and JDM partnumbers for those are different. Also, how did you plan to cover holes, if you'd had 05-06 hatch?

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